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Guardian asks: "Is John Carter Just an Avatar Clone?" (We know the answer, of course.)

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It’s one thing when you see uninformed comments on places like the IMDB message boards in which everyday Joes venture an instant opinion along the lines that John Carter is an Avatar clone; it’s another thing when a supposedly professional publication like the Guardian does it without so much as an indication that the author even knows that John Carter has been around since 1912; that it’s been in active development since 1989; that Disney greenlit it in 2008 (before Avatar came out); and that Cameron himself on multiple occasions cited Edgar Rice Burroughs and his John Carter series as a major inspiration for Avatar (making Avatar the “clone” and JC the original).

Anyway — that’ precisely what’s happened at the Guardian’s “Film Blog”, where a case is made that JC is a ripoff of Avatar – same thing that message board amateurs are writing, only this is supposedly “real journalism”.

So while I would like to just bury this next piece and not draw attention to it — it’s probably worth posting it here if only to encourage enlightened folk to click over to the Guardian and help set the record straight.

Here is the link.  Please. Go. Comment.


And for anyone who isn’t clear on this — please read our previously posted article:

John Carter Inspired Avatar, not vice versa — let’s set the record straight.




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