Hear Michael Giachinno’s John Carter Score — Main Theme, Pursuit of Dejah, and Dejah Thoris theme….

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John Carter’s composer Michael Giachinno has premiered key elements of his score for John Carter and you can listen to it here. For those not familiar – Giachinno is the Oscar winning composer of Ratatoille, Up, many episodes of Lost, and the upcoming Mission Impossible — in addition to John Carter. And by the way — the John Carter theme music begins at 44 minutes and is followed by Pursuit of Dejah, then the Dejah Thoris theme (which is hauntingly beautiful, as it should be – it delivers) begins at 55….


  • I think this is a situation where the accepted pronunciation will end up being whatever they did with it in the movie, and I’m 99% sure it’s “Day-jah” in the movie. Burroughs did prefer “Dee-jah” and that’s how the Burroughs family pronounces the name of Dejah Burroughs, but I don’t think he was the kind of guy that would have anything more to say than a wry, humorous comment at the debate over this. I’m on the side of the “Day-jah” crowd in this one — it sounds truly beautiful to me and that’s the way it’s always been in my head. Deejah sounds close to DJ and it just loses the magic for me. Prediction: There will be a whole lot more “Dejahs” born in 2012 than in all the previous years combined. 🙂

  • Hello. I just googled how to pronounce Dejah’s name from EBR’s Martian chronicles and found this link.
    I thought I was the only one confused. I sure hope it’s pronounced Day Jah since I named my daughter after her and that’s how we say it!!

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  • Well, by the time I read the books I knew how Dejah Vu was said and that was it. Too bad he didn’t go with a spelling that read as Deeja, but I suspect that locally they would say it DEE. We being in Canada also have the french influence and it’s a French word. Now I’m going to go play with my digs 😉

  • Hi Bill….i’ve got the site listed under “ERB Links” too. Thanks — great to know whenever there are good updates.

  • I always thought it was DAY JAH, too, until I heard that Danton said it was pronounced DEE JAH. Great interview! I think a movie score/theme for an Edgar Rice Burroughs story should be dramatic and moody. The pieces from the score played during this interview achieve that!

  • Danton, Linda, Dejah, and all associated with the immediate family and ERB.Inc pronounce Dejah as “Deejah”. I am guessing that those who have had actual contact with Old Burroughs (and thru’ lineage;-)would know that “himself” wanted it pronounced as “Deejah”. I think “Dejah” looks better as written. It’s my persona and I like it pronounce as Day-jah” – mixture of Canadian and Chinese accent;-)

    Dog – digs…maybe that’s why it’s in your head right now, Jeff:-)

  • Yup, I wonder why he did that. I was thinking that if he wanted that pronunciation he should have named her Deejah, but maybe locally that’s how Deja-vu was pronounced.
    Not that I can do anything about what’s in my head now. It’s like telling me that ‘dog’ is pronounced ‘dig’.

  • Yeah — I was looking around trying to find out where that comes from and I kept getting an Erbzine link that didn’t seem to really address it. But Danton told me the same thing — “Deejah”–and my understanding is that’s how Dejah Burroughs pronounces her name. ……I have a feeling, though, that in the movie it’s going to be Day juh (I don’t think Giachinno would have blundered and gotten it wrong), so there’s that to consider too…….

  • How did you know he wanted it ‘Deejah’ ? Was there pronunciation guide somewhere ?

  • Sorry guys. Don’t get me wrong. I was just pointing out how ERB himself wanted it pronounced. All the years I’ve been reading and re-reading the Barsoom series I’ve never been able to get myself to say it his way 🙂

  • As much as I’m a devoted disciple of ERB, it’s always been “Deja” like “Deja vu” in my mind, and I’m guessing Michael G woudn’t have said it that way unless that’s how they’re saying it in the movie. On this matter, I’m going to say to each his own — when you’ve spent a lot of decades thinking it’s “the incomparable DAY zhuh Thoris”, you can’t just switch to DEEJAH overnight — it just doesnt’ sound right and linguistically, it’s not right (ha, I know ERB could make up his own rules)………..Reminds me of that town in Maryland — spelled Havre De Grace and pronounced, properly in Maryland, “Haver duh Grayse”……It may be be right but I can’t just quite get used to it.

  • Very nice. Thanks for sharing that with us. Sorry Michael. It’s pronounced…… Dee jah.

  • Great interview, and I loved the previews of the score! Giachinno was certainly a great choice, and hopefully the rest of his score will be just as epic.

    (Besides, I gotta stand up for him, since he’s from New Jersey!)

  • Thanks!. Hmm….I wonder if the player is a little different for diff computers? Starts at 44 on mine. Hopefully ppl can find it.

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