Interview with MIchael Giacchino, Composer for Disney's John Carter

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Michael Giacchino, the composer for Disney’s upcoming space epic John Carter, is better known as the composer of The Incredibles, Cloverfield, Star Trek and much more. Here is what he has to say about scoring John Carter:

“Hopefully it sounds like Barsoom (which is Martian for Mars). Hopefully it sounds like the epic, massive story that it is. That’s really what we want. This is going to be big, epic, romantic, frightening and also emotional. It was one of those things when you hear of a film being made and you go, “Well, I have to do that.” That was one of those ones. I’m a huge fan of Andrew Stanton, and while I’ve known him for many years we’ve never worked together in that capacity.”

On how it feels to be working with Stanton of animation fame, but n a live action epic:

“I just had such a great time working with him, and I’m really proud of what he’s done on his first live-action film. Which actually, the same for Brad Bird. You know, his first live-action film Mission: Impossible [Ghost Protocol]… You would never know that these guys had never made a live-action film before by watching these movies. You would think that they had done a hundred of them. It’s really impressive, and I think their years at Pixar have really prepped them for this.”

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  • Keep these articles coming as they’ve oenepd many new doors for me. Giachinno is a composer I hadn’t known before. I really like the cues that he shared.

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