Military Ranks on John Carter's Barsoom


Military Titles & Units

The military titles are all attested, but most of the names of military units are conjecture. But if we assume that *u- [< utan and umak] is a prefix meaning “military unit” joined to a number word (tan and mak are both attested), we can interpolate *utee and *udur (where dur is “million”, used figuratively). The term dar is assumed to have the following etymology: < *udar < *u- and dar, “ten thousand”. The *ujed and *ujeddak terms are pure conjecture.

Title Unit Size of Unit
padwar *utee 10 soldiers
dwar utan 100 soldiers
teedwar dar 1,000 soldiers
odwar umak 10,000 soldiers
jedwar *udur army
jed *ujed armies of country or principality
jeddak *ujeddak armies of empire

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