Who is John Carter – Part 2

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Pam Harrison at Examiner has concluded her two part series entitled “Who is John Carter?” It’s great to see these kind of articles coming out now as all the “Barsoomophiles” among us begin to step up and talk about the magic we experienced reading the books of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Who is John Carter Part 2
When I last left you all, we were left pondering over the cautionary tale of never signing over one’s serialization rights.

I’ve already come across a couple comments across the web: One complained that this movie was a rip-off of James Cameron’s Avatar, and another claimed that this new movie adaptation would probably not be as good as the books themselves. To the defender of the film Avatar, which came almost a century after A Princess of Mars, I say SHUT. UP. AND. READ. MORE. BOOKS. Doofus.

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