LA Times | John Carter : Andrew Stanton injects 21st Century mojo into Mars tale

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by Rebecca Keegan: “Star Wars,” “Superman,” “Avatar” — for decades, Hollywood has found box-office treasure in fantasy science fiction epics about heroes adventuring in strange and mysterious lands. “John Carter,” director Andrew Stanton’s upcoming Martian war tale, is based on the 100-year-old Edgar Rice Burroughs yarn that helped inspire many of those stories.

The script by Stanton, Mark Andrews and Michael Chabon is adapted from the Burroughs novel “Princess of Mars,” which was first published as a magazine serial in 1912 and introduced the movie’s title character, a Civil War veteran who is astral-projected to the red planet. Upon arriving on Mars, known as Barsoom, John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) meets a fierce race of 15-foot-tall, four-armed green warriors called Tharks and a passionate, human-like princess named Dejah (Lynn Collins).

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