New 30 Second Clip from the John Carter score… the three original tracks already released

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Disney has released a new 30 second clip from Michael Giachinno’s score for John Carter. They haven’t said where it’s used in the movie, but the early consensus is that it plays over the journey along the mysterious River Iss. Also — scroll down to hear the three score samples previously released, in case you missed them.


  • Nice comments, Mark — thanks for sharing. I agree it’s very distinctive. I hear different things in it as well — some parts feel very familiar, classical “wall of sound” strings that remind me of epic movies from the 50’s — but then there are subtle distinct instrument voices and other aspects to the arrangement that make it feel other worldly……very interesting all the way around.

  • Absolutely perfect and mesmerizing. I like how the percussion in the John Carter theme gives it an odd alien feel. I think the music in general can use more female hypnotic and opera-like vocals, some vocals maybe even eery or offkey. In the Pursuit of Dejah adding some low male chanting crescendoing to an emotional peak to drum up suspense would be epic. But that’s just my imagination going crazy, the music is amazing just the way it is.

  • I like it-very mysterious. I don’t think I’ve ever heard strings used this way before–with the short, spaced bursts played against the long chords. Dejah’s Theme is still my favorite.

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