New International Poster of John Carter provides much food for thought


John Carter has a new poster for the hispanic market featuring the tagline: Dos Mundos. Un Heroe (no, we’re not gonna translate that, you can figure it out.) Without further ado — here it is:

To be frank, I’m puzzing over this a bit — not because I hate it or anything, but because it is very different from the traditional way that John Carter has been marketed on book cover art. I’m trying to fathom what can be gleaned from it — what were they thinking?

First, virtually every other piece of art features John Carter or John Carter and Dejah Thoris in peril, and never to my knowledge has Woola, Carter’s calot (Martian Dog, the ugly cute critter in the lower right quadrant) been featured, nor has Sola (the Thark or green martian companion) ever been featured, although Tharks have been featured many times–always, to my recollection, as a threat, not an ally.

Also this is a “road” image — not an action image.

And it de-emphasizes Dejah Thoris — she’s not really recognizable.

I’m trying to fathom what this makes me feel, or would make me feel, if I didn’t know the material.

First, it seems a bit “soft” — so much so that my thoughts go toward “family friendly”.

It suggests an alliance of varied individuals and beasts — I like that.

It suggests a quest, not threat or danger per se. But it’s implied — John Carter is certainly armed.

If I see this and realize that Andrew Stanton (Wall-E, Finding Nemo) directed, I begin to get a feel for where they are trying to go with it.

As a father of a 14 year old, this makes me feel it might be a film I could drag her too.

It doens’t look like a film she would drag me to.

And it doesn’t speak to me as a film that I as an adult would feel “got to see it” based on this poster. This poster to me resonates at a PG level, and I would definitely need to read more about the project.

If I saw this poster with “From the Director of Wall-E” on it — now that would motivate me.

The colors remind me of something animated — can’t quite think what it is.

There’s a certain soulfulness to it.

All in all…’s curious. I would never in a million years have come up with this poster myself, but there could be a bit of genius to it. We’ll have to see.


  • Nooooo……not Lucas. But Spielberg would be interesting. I’ll take Stanton, though. I think he’s the guy. I don’t think he’s the author of this poster……Disney int’l would have a pretty free hand on that one.

  • Good comments. I can’t quite wrap my arms around it yet ……I don’t hate it — it’s just…..different. Somehow it connects a dot with Wall-E……

  • Feel the same way about hoping this works out. Those of us who have loved the books have to just try to do our part to help it succeed. The main thing is that Disney has to get enough people in the theaters on opening weekend — then it’s up to Stanton’s handling of the story. I am impressed with the “muscle” in Disney’s marketing……trailers on tv 11 weeks ahead of release; billboards like none of us have ever seen; and a Superbowl ad. And we’re still 8 weeks out. Keep the faith….!

  • This is not a “Where the wild things are” kind of story like this poster suggests to me. Its so much more… At least i do HOPE the John Carter movie will capture the true essence of the books. I truly feel it should be geared towards young adults to adults. People will never know that if there isn’t a change in the marketing approach. Most of my friends that I rave on and on about these stories to have still not even heard of the up coming John Carter movie except through me. I’ve read the books for years and have always known the power and potential in these books to be tremendously epic on film. Ive so desired for the world to experience this John carter of MARS and the incomparable Dejah Thoris!! Now that its finally hapenning, we NEED more stir and buzz in the media. Until I start hearing people say “Hey you guys we have to go watch that awesome new SciFi John Carter!” , I’m not sure Disney will gross the 700 million that they want in order to justify a sequel. And we know there is 11 volumes of amazing material in this series that would be such a shame for the world not to see.

  • Seeing this poster reminds me why I’ve wished George Lucas or Steven Spielberg would have made this film. Now I am really starting to worry.

  • The two words that come to my mind are “beautiful” and “alien”. It’s a tasty image, and certainly hints at a movie that features things never before seen. I like how it isn’t trying to be as vague or minimalist as some of the US posters. In that sense, yes, it could be said to be aimed at younger viewers, but I’ve kind of always seen the John Carter target audience as starting around 11 years old anyways. I don’t think it’s too “kiddish” though. I think adults will still be intrigued by it.

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