Revised John Carter "Warhoon" trailer with Dejah Thoris sword fighting (briefly!)

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Disney hasn’t put it up yet, but I found a Youtube link where the revised “Warhoon” trailer that just played can be viewed. It’s pretty low quality but it’s all there is at this point — will have to do until Disney puts it up.

This is an action oriented shot (it occurs tome that the opening is like a football kickoff with the Warhoons charging)….Woola has been taken out; there is a quick shot of John Carter sword fighting Sab Than (Dominic West); a quick shot of Dejah Thoris attacking a Zodangan and looking pretty good doing it; some new coliseum footage (not sure we needed that), and a shot of a Thark — presumably Tars Tarkas — wielding a sword.

This is obviously taken by shooting a TV set. I wouldn’t normally post this — but since this is all there is, will live with it temporarily until a proper version is available. My guess is they just finished it over the weekend in time for the football games today, and it will get uploaded tomorrow.

And in case you missed this on an earlier post — here are screenshots of Dejah’s “Warrior Princess” moment in the trailer.


  • I am so looking forward to seeing this in high rez! Like the additions and I think Dejah looks fantastic! I do want to see more Thark fights, but you know, I think they’re really trying to save as much for the actual film viewing as possible. I have a sneaky feeling there are going to be some real surprises, some hard-core fanboy (or fangirl) moments none of us could anticipate or expect. We’ll see, but Stanton comes over to me like that. Subtleties that only ERB fans will catch, but that won’t hurt the film’s flow for those not in the know. Yea, I have high hopes! 🙂

  • Yup. I agree with that. I don’t think this sounds like it’s from Giachhino’s score …..but I guess it could be. Feels a little more generic than that … but still good.

  • oh and hte musical progression in this trailer is used well I think

    the sudden change, and it is different than what is expected . . .it helps draw the eye towards the trailer! The music is used brilliantly here . . . whether the music itself is better than the original version is debatable, but it is certainly used better I think!

  • I could have done without the additional White Ape stuff, and more of the Sab Than sword fight, and even a bother beat of Dejah……but I agree with your comment. Progress.

  • if you ask me the real highligh here is what appears to be tars tarkas thrashing some dudes, again with this trailer subtle differences massively effect it but we need to wait until a better quality to better evaluate why it is better

    I can tell you now, by focusing on the people of this world, showing them qeilding swords and this innate savagry it paints a better picture of this world that is more reflective of its nature

    and a nature that is very different from star wars and avatar who at their heart is a sense of peace taht the characters try and advocate through their actions!

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