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Dear Everyone,

For those who might have noticed such things — The John Carter Files until now has be a guest on www.michaeldsellers.com — using the subdomain http://johncarterfiles.michaeldsellers.com.

Well — starting today JCF has its own home at www.thejohncarterfiles.com

If you’ve been getting here by following links from Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon etc then the move won’t affect you at all.

If you’ve been getting her by typing the url in your browser — please from now on type in: http://thejohncarterfiles.com.

Hope this doesn’t confuse anyone. If you are confused feel free to email me at michaeldsellers@gmail.com and I’ll help sort it out for you.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement.



  • Fixed it Andy — thanks for the heads up. Just moved to this url yesterday and that was an oversight.

  • Love it. The first and main stop for John Carter news for me! Just a quick spot though, the follow links in the top right corner just go the twitter/facebook sites and not to your pages.

  • thanks patrick…..writing and thinking about ERB is like….going home. Love it. Antidote to the rest of my world. 😉

  • Michael, just wanted to tell you that John Carter Files is the best site of its kind on the web . . . and your posts (and IMDB comments) are among the most intelligent. Thanks, and congratulations from one ERB fan to another.

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