Disney begins to roll out “critics” spots featuring review quotes

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Disney has begun a new series of TV spots featuring critic reviews of John Carter.  Here is the first to make it online — a 15 seconder. This 15 second version is pretty much “just critics” — not much else. However,  we also saw a 30 seconder that played just before the Oscars and aside from using critics quotes, it emphasized the relationship between John Carter and Dejah Thoris, and story elements — very good improvements. We will post the 30 second version when it becomes available–in the meantime, here is the 15 second one.


  • Most of them are from the tweeted ‘mini-reviews’ that have come out since the twitter embargo was lifted — movie press who saw the screening last week in Arizona (all US movie press were invited). If you click on “reviews” above you can find most of them.

  • This 15 second spot is not the one that does that — I was referring to the 30 second spot that played before the Oscars which isn’t online yet. It also uses critics quotes.

  • Besides showing John saying “get on” to dejah, how exactly does this spot emphasize the relationship between them?? Are u sure you got the right spot?

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