Eric Holland Review: The Billy Wreck Children’s John Carter Books

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JCF’s intrepid Eric Holland has perused, reviewed, and analyzed the Billy Wreck John Carter children’s books. Here are his comments (thanks Eric!)

The first childrens book we will be starting with is “John Carter: Adventures on Another World” it is in height and width the smallest book of the three childrens books! It is a black and white coloring book but it is probably the best of the bunch! It actually is a book introduction to Disneys variation of barsoom, I was surprised that it taught the glyphs and the basics of the society, it uses simple games like mazes and such to make you work for your spoilers . . . I suppose this would give the kiddos a sense of accomplishment, for the kids I recommend “Adventures on Another World”, the book also includes 35 stickers! For us grownups though what does it have to offer? Not much but a small collectable, oh and the first picture of Kantos Kan! This is easily the best book of the bunch!

Second we got the John Carter 3D book, it is the worst of the bunch in my humble opinion, it shows nothing new, it is 17 pages long, it includes 2 pairs of 3D glasses. Here is the worst part, it is anaglyph 3D, red and blue, which if you ever say a 3D movie in your childhood you would know that this has never worked, and it never will work . . . good cover though, also provides good colored versions of the helium and zodanga flags (not in 3D for some reason!)

The final book is “Battle for Barsoom” it is basically a color version of “Adventures on Another World” but it has less pages, it has a lot more stickers (43). But it has a lot less activities, a lot less information, a lot less pictures.

There you have it, the Billy Wrecks childrens books review, they are all basically the same book, the best thing about them is the helium/zodanga flags, and Kantos Kan, but “Adventures on Another World” has my heavy recommendation if you have kids! Or if you are a huge dork like me! Funny thing, the worst book of this bunch is the most expensive; the best book of this bunch is the cheapest!


  • I ordered mine yesterday! They were running out of stock when I grabbed mine! YAY! Absolutely adore the Kantos Kan pic! James Purefoy is my fave actor, as many know since I run his website. I am so impressed with the casting for this film, the costuming is gorgeous, and seeing it all soon on the big screen is going to be amazing!!

  • a few things I forgot to mention, although the smallest “adventures on another world” has the most pages, and is the only one that would be discernable on a shelf with other books (as its side does have its name printed on it)

    really people if you buy any, buy that one! it is the one that will give you the most smiles

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