• John Carter was one of the best films I have ever seen. The actors were really good. The setup was wonderful. It was a great pity that it was not advertised more? The title was okay, but people who new nothing about the E.R.B.
    books would not have known what John Carter was about! I feel John Carter of Mars would have been a better title. I feel the word Mars would interested people more.Anyway it would be wonderful if a second film or even a third film was made. I have, since the film was made told many, many people about it. And even borrowed my DVDs to many friends and others I know.

  • Great to see the interaction between the two main characters while also adding to the story line. Can’t wait to see John Carter and hope Disney will upgrade their marketing efforts for this film.

    They should all ow the stars of the film – Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins – speak. They should be on the talk show circuit. Get Taylor out as a Canadians fave – they uuported

  • Those TV appearances are coming. The premiere is tonight ….. usually they save the national TV appearances for the last week although I know in this case they’re doing worldwide all at once so they may do the talk shows a little earlier so they can be in Europe by the 9th. It’s coming though.

    Thanks for the kind words about our trailer. 😉

    Tryin’ hard.

  • Disney needs to get Taylor and Lyn out on the interview circuit. What about Jimmy Fallon, the tonight show, etc. Taylor Kitsch is a funny and relaxed guy and it would bring the persona of John carter out so much better.

    The fan-made trailer is so much better in telling a comprehensive outline of the John Carter story.

    More Woola and less apes. No need for the apes. Get JC and Woola out as much as possible – it appeals to the dog lovers, too – a good way to tap into a broader audience.

    H=Get on it Disney. I want this film to succeed and will see it on opening day!

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