John Carter Reviews: Tweets from the Burbank Hero Complex Screening Last Night

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A friend of the site has combed through twitter and found the following tweets emanating from the LA Times Hero Complex screening last night in Burbank.  As we always do, we present what we found and again, it’s overwhelmingly positive. It happens that JCF was at the screening as well, and can confirm that the buzz in the room was very positive.

@mfeige I really and truly did love John Carter. I had ZERO desire to see it, but it won me over. I was prepared to hate!
2/28/12 6:31 AM
@andrewstanton John Carter was amazing.I felt this oddly good feel of nostalgia I’m 90’s kid after watching made me think back to good times
2/28/12 2:28 AM
@LATherocomplex Thank you so much for the early screening of “John Carter”. It was AWESOME! I can’t wait to go back & watch it again.
2/27/12 11:58 PM
@andrewstanton was a really interesting person to listen to during @LATherocomplex QA for John Carter. He really hit a home run on the film
2/27/12 11:38 PM
Straight up, John Carter was an awesome film 😀
2/27/12 11:06 PM
In short JOHN CARTER is what I wished THOR was. Have a few minor quibbles but overall I totally dug the experience.
2/27/12 10:51 PM
Saw the John Carter movie tonight. Was pretty good. Not great but good.
2/27/12 10:45 PM
Enjoyed John Carter more the second time as I was able to follow better. But the issues remain. Still, it’s fun. More in a few.
2/27/12 10:41 PM
John Carter (aka John Carter of Mars) is MUCH better than it looks. A great sci-fi film. Plan on seeing it!
2/28/12 12:46 AM
JOHN CARTER is amazing. Space Lawrence of Arabia. This generation’s Star Wars. Great @LATherocomplex screening with Andrew Stanton too.
2/28/12 12:28 AM
John Carter is my new fanboy dream come true Good Lawd, what a great flic!!
2/27/12 11:28 PM
JOHN CARTER is a family spectacle with incredible action. Like others before me said, lacks some connective tissue but I still lapped it up.
2/27/12 11:23 PM
Omg y’all John Carter is like legit the shit! Omg it’s sooooooo good! Action romance cutest ugliest little sidekick! Every sense of epic!!!!
2/27/12 11:10 PM
The 3D on John Carter is sooo good! I promise it’s not a CGI star wars ripoff! Great story! Really good! Bad Disney marketing bad!!!
2/27/12 11:11 PM
@sarikelso Thanks! I really, really appreciate it. And John Carter is very fun! Far from perfect, but still quite pulpy and enjoyable.
2/27/12 11:08 PM
John carter of mars is an awesome movie a must see.
2/27/12 10:50 PM
@LATherocomplex Grapevine was closed, 4.5 hour drive via alternate route through Mojave to get there tonight–but it was worth it! Thanks!!
2/27/12 10:51 PM
@andrewstanton thanks for making a truly enjoyable scifi that was fun for my whole family. My 3 sons LOVED it! Can’t wait to see it again!
2/27/12 11:58 PM
JOHN CARTER contains the ugliest cute monster (or something like that). I adore Woola –
2/28/12 12:12 AM
Awesome time at John Carter screening followed by Q&A with director @andrewstanton! Really fun movie…really hope it does well!
2/28/12 12:04 AM
@LATherocomplex Thank you so much for the early screening of “John Carter”. It was AWESOME! I can’t wait to go back & watch it again.
2/27/12 11:58 PM
Back from @LATherocomplex’s John Carter IMAX Screening. In a few words: A lot of fun. An action adventure that actually took your somewhere.
2/27/12 11:53 PM
Buzz related
Really glad to hear JOHN CARTER is good. Now, if only Disney’s marketing can convince everyone else!
2/28/12 12:48 AM


  • At least the writer for the Rope of Silicon article you linked to took to task the shoddy reporting that started the bad publicity: the Daily Beast writer taking as gospel the word of an anonymous executive from a rival studio stating that JC was going to tank. Suddenly a film that had not even yet been reviewed had garnered multiple negative reviews!

    Don’t think the studio backing “Hunger Games” needed to stoop so low. Probably some low-level exec biting his nails over “Wrath of the Titans.” (Really, was the world crying out for this sequel?)

  • I think all the positive chatter is helping offset the “supposedly bad publicity” but there s the matter of scale. 200 tweets is one thing; 100m super bowl viewers is another. It remains to be seen whether the grassroots buzz can overcome the indifference that’s out there more generally. It makes for an interesting story to watch unfold.

  • Is there any way to quantify (or guess) how many recipients there are to all the tweets coming out of these advanced screenings? There have been a couple hundred tweets so far, most overwhelmingly positive; is this building a sufficient word of mouth?

    Combined with the free publicity Disney has generated by their supposedly bad marketing campaign, I’m suspecting the Disney marketers are a lot more savvy than we give them credit for.

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