John Carter Reviews: Tweets from the Singapore Premiere 90% “Fresh”

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Following is a complete unedited list of the tweets that we’ve been able to pick up from the Singapore Premiere of John Carter. We did not remove any or edit any.  If we find more, we will add them later.

John Carter was awesome! I watched it in 3D. And the tickets had no seating number. Free seating. Lol!
2/27/12 7:21 AM
John Carter the movie was not bad eh? @PShahfiq666 @ShrlHisham
2/27/12 6:59 AM
John Carter was pretty damned awesome.
2/27/12 6:59 AM
Oh, & John Carter was not bad. Just tt I didn’t understand some parts. I understood Inception but I didnt understand a Disney movie. K. @.@
2/27/12 6:37 AM
John Carter was an awesome movie but it was so confusing. :/
2/27/12 6:20 AM
Fuckkk John carter was a big “meh”.
2/27/12 6:12 AM
John Carter gala premiere just ended – it was a good movie
2/27/12 6:10 AM
John Carter was pretty epic, with a heavy dose of Disney style POTC humour to keep things light and fun.
2/27/12 6:00 AM
Thanks @NuffnangSG and @ChurpSG for the pairs of tix of screening of “John Carter” at Cathay Cineplexes!!! The movie was FUN and COOL!!!
2/27/12 5:47 AM
thank you @ChurpSG – John Carter was great! <3
2/27/12 5:46 AM
Finally got our phones back! They were so strict for this gala premiere.. Anw, John Carter was good! Mesti la best, free!
2/27/12 5:32 AM
Watch John Carter in 3D cinema. He is damn man and I like his Barsoom, so womanly!
2/27/12 6:33 AM
John Carter is a must watch! Right after HK trip!:D
2/27/12 5:49 AM
John Carter is like another Avatar show.
2/27/12 5:49 AM
John Carter is not a show to be missed! I love that doggie!!
2/27/12 5:47 AM
John Carter is a pretty awesome movie! (@ The Cathay Cineplex w/ 11 others)
2/27/12 5:42 AM


  • I see some negative comments, I don’t believe that the people that posted those negative comments such as “John Carter is like another Avatar show.” I don’t even think he seen the movie or even knows it’s based on the book. I’m gonna have to talk some sense into that kid

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