Letter from a John Carter Fan: What Disney Needs to Do

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by Daniel Quesnel

I’m not a professional writer but I want to say something.  I’ve been watching the promotion of John Carter, and seeing the reaction. Somehow it seems that even though John Carter is likely a great film and has been getting a lot of positive reviews . . . still it can’t get a good box office? Why? I don’t really get how it works, when a really good movie is in trouble like this. We need to give this movie hope. I know in my heart, that this movie deserves it.

It makes me crazy that  there are truly bad movies out there, but they do well at the box office and John Carter cannot get what it deserves? We know when there are good movies, and we know that their are bad movies, but I really dislike when a truely good movie doesn’t get the community’s help. This is kind of like Bad. vs. Good characters, the Bad Character’s are always stronger until the end, but then a Good Character steps in, and gives hope.   Disney did their part on advertising, but now it’s the Community is the only thing to help Disney. like basically how a Bad Community doesn’t give anything to a movie, and bashes on it, and calls it a copycat and everything,. then we have a Good Community which is basically a shield for Disney, and the Good Community basically tells all those people that bash the movie that this movie is based  this great book that brought sci-fi to the big screen, you know what i mean?
My point: It’s the community that needs to help this movie, not Disney.
I also read that female audiences are not responding to the promotions.  Well ….Disney keeps releasing the same footage over and over, of a Great White Ape scene, Great White ape scenes do NOT get girls involved. Disney needs to release a trailer that will involve the movie’s story itself, I mean this movie isn’t all about great white ape scenes, and explosions. It’s about a guy transported to Mars, to save the planet and the princess he loves, and everyone can get in on the Romantic stuff – guys and girls.  Instead, people are just confused.   I have been reading a lot of questions/comments under most of the John Carter videos on youtube on the lines of “How does he jump that high? Where did he come from?”
But again — it’s about the Good Community.  We have to help – Disney isn’t the answer.
I watched the Fan Made Theatrical Trailer the other day, and this trailer makes exactly the point I am trying to make here.   This trailer lays the story out so all of this confusing, bewilderment, inside the brains of most people will go away — and after watching this trailer they will not bash or ask questions.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BxeHQY1NuMDisney, you should put some text like: “Based on a 100 year-old novel that inspired many filmmakers” (Pause at 0:46)Disney — you can help get the girls involved with “From the Director of Wall-e and Finding Nemo” (Pause at 0:55)
That’s what Disney really needs to do.


  • “White ape scenes do NOT get girls involved.”

    Yes, they do. At least they certainly worked for me. 😉 Even my mom was fond of that very scene… Maybe the two of us are just an exception — or maybe not. A friend of mine (another girl) also thinks the white ape scene is one of the best scenes in the movie.

    All in all, the trailers made me curious of the movie. I wouldn’t have wanted trailers focusing on Carter’s relationship with the princess. It’s the mixture which makes the movie stand out after all — action and old-fashioned romance.

    That said — I really, really, really hope there will be a sequel. I have given up hope for Prince of Persia, but maybe John Carter will get a second chance.

  • Totally agree with these keypoints.

    That link in the article to the fan-made trailer is a perfect example of what kind of trailer Disney should be looking to create.
    Something that entertains, informs, and interests people all at once. Not just a flashy show of CGI and epic frames. Something with depth that will attract everyone.

  • Thanks, appreciate it. At first I thought this was a really bad idea, but then again, something could happen…we need to somehow find a way to get 1 million people reading that awesome IGN article and this as well, unless we make a really good youtube video explaining some things about John Carter. LOL.

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