• It does look better than the official ones and it helped me figure out what bothers me most about the footage shown so far: Taylor Kitsch’s off-mark, over-acted performance (most of the scenes are really cringeworthy), and the cartoony design of the creatures. The CGI is top-notch, but what it depicts isn’t. The Tharks all look like Dori from Finding Nemo and Woola like the creature from Evolution. I’m just not sold on their being real. Oh, and the children-friendly humor, but that’s another story.

    But thanks for trying to get my enthusiasm up, although I’m probably a lost cause at this point.

  • I find this trailer a lot better than the other ones, although probably only because it contained fewer goofy designs, no cheesy jumping, no cliched dialogue, and bad acting was down to a minimum, even countered very nicely by Mark Strong. For once the battle scenes looked actually impressive. If only the whole movie was like that…

    I’m starting to thik this might be like XMO: Wolverine for me (in which, nomen omen, Kitsch was also present) – I would’ve loved the movie if only there had been a mute option at the cinema.

  • Nice trailer. Saw it yesterday. My only beef as of late is,do they have to end every trailer with the white ape?

  • whens this “all new” trailer meant to be coming out that Stanton said was happening?

    More youtube TV spots arent the way forward… theyre getting less and less hits with every one and just confusing anyone who doesnt know what john carter is about.

  • yay. there’s hope. that’s a nice little anecdotal bit of evidence. need more like that.

  • Yup. The good news is that every reviewer has used the word “emotional” to describe the movie itself. If that’s the effect it has on people — who are the robots cutting these TV spots?

  • The girl who cuts my hair says she is excited to see the movie when it’s out. What the heck do you know.

  • The idea of this whole spot is Battle…fighting against the evil guy. Still not helping to appeal to the majority of females rejecting the movie. Sorry but there is little emotion and no romance.

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