• They still seem intent on selling the sizzle rather than the steak.

    These people successfully marketed “Pirates of the Caribbean” which had similar elements: swashbuckling action, a love story, and a cute animal sidekick. Plus pirate movies were considered anathema to moviegoers. So why don’t they try to replicate their previous success?

  • Someone posted a link to the Japanese trailer (which was the source of some of the material in the fan trailer), and I find myself wondering why Disney didn’t just use this. It’s so much better than anything the U.S. marketing team has done so far.


  • Your right, and I think this is the worst John Carter trailer they released…it’s sooooo bad. the dubstep and john carter just doesn’t mix very well….and there is a lot of footage I have already seen!

  • Unfortunately, this still isn’t as good as your own fan-made trailer. People who are unfamiliar with the story will still have next to no idea what this is about after watching this. /sigh.

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