No New Trailer in front of Act of Valor in Orange County CA

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Nightshadesiris has reported conclusively that there was no new John Carter trailer on the front of Act of Valor in the theater she went to in Orange County, so the Hollywood Reporter report that there would be a new “action heavy” John Carter trailer on that feature seems to be in error. We will follow — but so far, no new trailer.


  • I’m so glad you both took care of this. I live in Long Beach and the spectrum is HUGE, so I am shocked they had no advertisement. It’s making me want to check the Long Beach Edwards. I would think they have ads there because that’s where I saw the pre-screen last month. I think I’ll just call. Save gas:)

  • Not sure if Nightshadesiris already talked to you about all this but the theatre is called Irvine Spectrum Edwards Cinema. Please! Don’t let this go unnoticed!!

  • I definetly think this is a total outrage. John Carter is not something that should be treated so carelessly, Disney is definetly not doing a very good job at advertisement nor is it giving much credit to this movie. I was personally with Nightshadesiris and we did a full inspection. Not only did they do this to us, but there was NO advertisement in this theatre!

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