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TheJohnCarterFiles.com  is trying to obtain some genuine market feedback regarding John Carter Trailers.  We appreciate your thoughtful participation.  It has been set so that only one vote per person is allowed, so after you vote you just see the results — you can’t vote more than once from any one IP Address. We’re trying to keep this real. And please do not vote unless you view both trailers and give it some serious thought.

We encourage you to leave comments. This is all about trying to help in any way we can to make this movie have a successful outcome.

Which John Carter trailer makes you more interested in seeing the movie in theaters?

  • Trailer 2 -- Draft Test Trailer (86%, 119 Votes)
  • Trailer 1 -- In Theaters Now (14%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 139

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Trailer 1
This is the existing trailer that is playing in theaters now.

Trailer 2
This is a draft trailer for consideration as an alternative.


  • 2nd trailer. This is coming from a major fan(25+years) of Edgar Rice Burroughs and of course John Carter of Mars. The 2nd one all the way.

  • I found the current theater trailer is pretty decent, notably better than the earlier stuff.

    All things considered, I chose the draft trailer. A couple points that make it superior advertising are the mentions for Andrew Stanton (director mention) and noting that this story “inspired 100 years of film making.” The “epic story that inspired 100 years of film making” notation in particular was something needed in the trailers up ’til now. Not that Disney should have gone balls out in advertising how influential APoM has been, that could hurt the movie, but a quick short mention like that in the draft trailer is spot on what’s needed — it indicate the significance of the story without beating people over the head.

  • Well the draft trailer seems better than the one shown in trailer. However I like the One World spot the best. If we could combine the One World spot and the draft trailer then I would think that would be a hit.

  • DEFINITELY THE TEST TRAILER! The most important part is the mention of “From the Epic Tale that Inspired 100 years of Filmmaking”. Since that has not been mentioned in any previous trailers, people are writing off this movie as a ripoff and are not interested in seeing it!! Believe me I know this is true – not just by all the negative comments on You Tube, but from hearing it first hand. The film will not be as successful if the trailer does not address that. It has to nip that common assumption in the butt, immediately! I also prefer how this trailer grabs your attention from the beginning by explaining some of the story line. Each one of my friends that have seen the trailers out so far, are confused by it. Instead of saying “I have to go watch this!” They unenthusiastically, say “uhh what is it about, I dont get it”. So, please, what do we have to do to replace all current trailers with the test one?

  • The Disney trailer definitely has better flow (in terms of music/visual style) but that’s it. I like how your trailer shows a more coherent timeline-something a person who would only see it once, with no background information, can grasp and begin to understand. I ESPECIALLY took note of the text you added about Stanton and 100 years-it lends far more gravitas than disjointed, out-of-any-context ‘epic’ action sequences do. A couple personal preferences aside (would’ve liked more humor, more Woola [ALWAYS more Woola], and put the Tal Hajus/Carter jumping clip in), that’s a very succinct and informative trailer which actually adds to the mystery. Thanks!

  • I personally have enjoyed all the trailers thus far – but I am very familiar with the source material, enough so that I think I can place the scenes and characters from almost all the clips into the framework of the story. My kids (ages 15 & 12) are excited about the movie, but not because of the trailers alone – more because the trailers have reinforced the enthusiasm they see from me. I know and respect that Disney is trying hard not to give too much away, but the only reason my kids understand the basic premise/plot of the story is because I explained it to them. They really didn’t get a sense of the story from the trailers. To be honest, the kids’ featurettes on the web did a better job of that than the theatrical trailers.

    None of the current trailers have sold the movie to my wife. She strongly dislikes mindless special effects spectacles (I also prefer story over effects, but she takes it to a much higher degree). From what I have seen and know of the film’s creators, I am very optimistic that it isn’t going to be 2 hours of mindless CGI and I think my wife would enjoy it if I can just get her to the theater. The trailers haven’t sold her on the fact that there are characters and a story behind the pretty pictures.

    I think the “real” trailers have done a good job of selling the film to fans of the source material – they’ve sold it to me to the point that I feel a vested interest in the film’s success. I do worry that they haven’t done the same to the larger population who are unfamiliar with ERB’s work.

  • Disney, are you paying attention? Good movies are not about mere spectacle, but characters and story. The test trailer gives viewers a much clearer view of those elements. Equally important, it places “John Carter” in context: “The epic tale that inspired 100 years of filmmaking.” You’ve invested too much money in this project for your advertising to fall so woefully short. Do something about it before it’s too late!

  • It looks much better playing up the story and the action scenes and I did like the mention of the story being influential. That said ditch the dead wife-it makes the film looked even more cliched which I think has been the problem with most of the trailers. Still a good job!

  • Shared on Facebook!

    The test trailer is the best of the ones I’ve seen. It best captures the basics of the story, and it shows the action, gives moments of the romance, conveys the loyalty of Woola, and highlights the selling points of the director and legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs. It provides more “perspective”, both inside and outside the film itself, than the currently running trailer. May we see it, or something very much like it, soon!

  • The test trailer does a better job of laying out the story by taking the better pieces of the Japanese trailer and others. The reference to ERB influence has been missing from their marketing. I don’t understand but the marketing seems very opposed to mentioning ERB I wish understood why. I do question the inclusion of Stanton’s director credits. They are very impressive but couple that with the name of Disney and some people assume John Carter is a children’s movie. I have had many discussions with friends and online posters trying to debunk this belief. It was worse while Pixar’s name was incorrectly mentioned early on. Of the two I prefer the Test Trailer even with my one reservation.

    If I could order off the menu I really like the extended Super Bowl ad. It just gets my blood pumping and I really love the opening. If it mentioned ERB influence and the 100 year anniversary it would be my favorite.

  • The test trailer gives an idea what the story is about, the official quite doesn’t, unless you have read the books. At least for me, if all I have about a movie is the trailer, the things I need to know before I decide to pay for the theater instead of waiting for the dvd, are: some idea of the main characters, and whether I might like them or not, and some idea of what the main plot is about. No need to give all the plot points and spoil the movie, but I do need at least something, just ‘lots of exiting action, stuff happens and lots of CGI’ is not enough. Here the minimum would probably be: a 19th century soldier gets transported to an alien planet, meets aliens and a human looking woman, makes friends with some of the aliens and falls in love with the woman while lots of action happens (and some sinister looking dude hovers around while he, his friends and his love interest get into lots of trouble so probably there is some sinister plan behind all the trouble he meets).

    There might be a bit more Woola, and perhaps some more emphasis on the fact that this is based on something that has been very influential on the development of the genre. Maybe sort of give the the idea that this movie would also, besides being something fun to watch in itself, make for an entertaining way to find out a bit about the history of the genre, and then you can sound smart when you are talking about the subject.

  • I really like the first one. But then again I’ve read the books, I’ve been following everything on the movie since the begining.

    If I didn’t really know about the premisse I believe the 2nd one would explain it all better. Not to mention the fact that it shows the movie is based on a book of 100 years (so people may stop comparing to Star Wars and Avatar) and it also mentions Andrew Stanton’s work.

    And that’s why I vote for the 2nd one, the Draft Test Trailer.

  • I think the draft trailer is so much better! I like the intro that shows a bit of how he ended up there; it gives context to the rest of the plot. I also like the reference to the fact that the story is 100 years old as well as the mention of the director’s credits.

  • The test trailer give a better understanding of the circumstances in the story, at least to those of us that have now read the books. And it still looks like an exciting film. This one should be in theaters and on television.

  • Trailer #2. In the Draft test it shows more of a romantic connection that I think will be very important to bring in the females but enough action to bring in the males. When the very first trailer came out a while back I showed it to just about everyone. The reaction seem to follow a pattern with the females. Some were excited, some did not like that kind of movie but most of them seemed interested, but not enought to go out and buy a ticket of be the first in line. After I told them about the romance angle all of them said they would go.

    I did not find one male who did not like it. Every male wanted to see it as soon as it came out.

    The dumbed down one with the voice over for the Disney channel – ouch! However I showed it to about 25 10 – 14 year olds and they loved it and wanted to see it. I wouldn’t push that one on any channel that is viewed by adults on a regular basis. Just my opinion

    Whatever works!

  • by far the best trailer is the 2nd draft one-nice to see that it shows that it is 100 years in the making and also gives credit to stanton as director

  • I think that the test trailer really makes more sense and gives a flow to the narrative. A little more dialogue might be nice, and of course we should see a bit more of Woola, perhaps jumping into action.

    As Khanada mentioned, ERB, his influence, and the 100th centennial of the writing of the book should be highlighted, as it was in the test trailer.

    As an aside, a Discovery or History documentary on the real Mars, on fictional Barsoom, and on ERB would be a wonderful tie in to the feature, but it is probably a little late for that to happen.

  • The draft trailer is just magnificent!! I love them all but the test trailer pulls some of the best bits together and it, or something similar, should be in theaters. The mention of 100 years inspiring films is huge too! I’ve been disappointed that no mention of that or ERB has been used in the advertising. I can’t imagine the reasons why Disney seems to shy away from those selling points. Not taking advantage of the centennial of APOM is just bizarre to me!

  • I agree with Eric. So far the test trailer is the best of them all. Sadly, I don’t believe the powers that be have been listening.If they had been listening all this time we would have seen a different direction in the marketing of the film. I think the success of the film will depend upon word of mouth after it comes out.

  • the draft test trailer combines the best of every trailer, it is great! it definitly should be in theaters!

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