The Library of Congress “Princess of Mars” text is really like reading a first edition

A Princess of Mars

Just discovered that the Library of Congress “A Princess of Mars” text for online reading is wonderful — it’s a photo-accurate rendering of the first edition and you click page by page through the book with each click taking you to the next page of a beautiful, photo-perfect rendering of each page.

How cool is that?

Here is the link:

And here’s what you see when you get there (click to see full size)


  • Update: The first had a color frontispiece and a total of five illustrations. PM was first reprinted by A.L. Burt, then by G&D, which sometimes omitted some illustrations completely. The type would be sharper (less worn) in the McClurg.

  • McClurg published the first edition, and this is clearly a Grosset & Dunlap. Most G&D’s were reprinted using the same printing plates as the firsts, so, yeah, it is like reading a first edition, but not exactly.

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