We were right – the cool new montage for John Carter is film-maker made, not ad agency!

Andrew Stanton, John Carter News

Andrew Stanton has just tweeted a shout-out to Erik Jessen, one of the editors of John Carter, confirming what we suspected — that the sizzle released yesterday comes from the film-makers.  Editor Eric Zumbrunnen cut the White Ape scene and editor Erik Jessen cut the sizzle reel.  The sizzle begins after the Disney logo that appears at the end of the white ape scene. YOU CAN RETWEET THIS RIGHT FROM HERE — DO IT!!! PLS!



  • the difference is telling and all positive. i hope they haven’t left it too late to create that buzz going into the opening day weekend!

  • ?? Yep. Cut by one of the film’s editors Eric Jessen, not by the ad agency that has been cutting all the trailers. Very different feel and much closer, presumably, to what Stanton sees or feels about the film. He’s giving this the same shout-out he gave our trailer.

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