About Heroes Writes: “The Fans Show how John Carter Should Have Been Marketed”


From AboutHeroes.com Let me first start off by saying that I really, really, really, really liked this film.

While I don’t think it’s perfect, I do think it’s a well made and fun film. The score is great, the directing is fantastic, the action is cool and Lily Colins is wonderful as Dejah Thoris/

It’s a shame that the film will go into film history as a box office failure, but judging by the fan reaction, it will join other beloved films that were box office failures ( Flash Gordon for example)

It’s also been written to death how bad the marketing was for this film, and I do agree…it was bad.

While I generally liked the first teaser trailer, the following trailers, the posters (well, except this gorgeous one here) and of course the too simple title sold a movie that doesn’t seem all that remarkable.

But , there WAS a way to sell this film to the masses. For some reason, the studios didn’t know how to do this, but bless the fans, the fans knew exactly how to sell this film

The people behind the website, The John Carter Files, cut two fan trailers that do a far better job of not only selling the film, but also selling the importance of this character.

While not perfect trailers, these are still better then ones that Disney cut for the film.

Now if I was in charge, this would be the first trailer I’d release for the film….

Read it at AboutHeroes.com

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  • Looks to me, after the past week of new, positive posts about JC, that as soon as someone new sees it and loves it, they have to put it out there and be outspoken about it. Man if only this could have happened the first week of its release! It hasn’t even been in theaters that long! Yeesh, so frustrating!

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