Background: Interview with Lindsey Collins, Producer of John Carter

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As I said in the intro to my interview with John Carter producer Jim Morris, while it’s always great to talk with actors, if you want to hear why certain key decisions were made, you’ve got to talk with the filmmakers.  After all, while an actor might have a great behind the scenes story (like my interview with Taylor Kitsch), the producer can tell you what deleted scenes will be on the eventual Blu-ray, and what the filmmakers learned from showing the film to the Pixar brain trust.   But without a doubt, the best part of talking with a producer is the stuff that comes up that you weren’t expecting.  Like hearing about an R-rated cut of Galaxy Quest!   If anyone at the studio is reading this, fans would love to see this cut.  Think about a special edition home video release.  Please!

Anyway, the other week, Disney held a big press junket in Arizona, and I landed an exclusive video interview with John Carter producer Lindsey Collins.  During our extended conversation we talked about how the movie doesn’t talk down to the audience, how they showed the film to the Pixar brain trust and what they learned, deleted scenes, her favorite movie, actor and director, and like I already said, she talked about how Sigourney Weaver told her about the original version of Galaxy Quest.  Hit the jump to watch.

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