Cinesite Showreel for John Carter is curiously compelling


Cinesite, one of the VFX mainstays for John Carter, has posted a John Carter showreel on its website that is really worth watching.  Even though the overt reason — obviously–is simply to showcase the special effects, but whoever put it together managed to cause it to resonate more than any of the official theatrical trailers.  I don’t mean to be beating up constantly the official trailers ….. it’s just that I was really surprised when, while watching this, I felt the draw of the movie in ways that none of the official trailers produced.

Here it is — no embedding possible but this link will take you there. Cinesite John Carter Showreel


  • They did an amazing job in the film, and put together a reel that even while focusing on the visual affects still stumps Disney’s marketing campaign trailers.

  • Cinesite did amazing work on JOHN CARTER (hell, all of the VFX companies did!). If anyone is interested in knowing more about the VFX of the film, then look for the newest issue of CINEFEX magazine. There are some interesting stories behind the designs of the film and the hard work that went into making the practical and digital effects.

  • Very impressive indeed. I loved the last take on Taylor Kitsch with flying hair. A similar view in the trailer would have been honey for the bees.

  • If Disney executives are worth their overstuffed paypackets they will fire their new Marketing Company and the persons that appointed them !

  • Official trailers should be beaten up, badly. They deserve it.

    See how characters are expressive in this reel? There was none of that in any official trailer. There’s fire and passion in this one, as in the fan trailers.

    I just saw on the AICN website a teaser for the new Total Recall. Not a comment on the movie itself, and I’m not saying it’s on par with John Carter at all, but the same mistakes were there: “money shots” but already seen in a hundred movies before, not a hint of the story or the characters.

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