E! Online Review: “John Carter is WAY better than it looks” (in trailers

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by Luke Y. Thompson for E! Online: Review in a Hurry: Part western, part swashbuckler, and a huge part science fiction, Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ century-old story of a Confederate veteran turned warlord of Mars finally makes it to the big screen, after many aborted attempts over the years. Taylor Kitsch stars as the title character in a surprisingly intricate and violent space fantasy epic…from Disney!

Review in a Hurry: Disney’s tone-deaf marketing of John Carter led many of us to fear the worst, from its curious omission of the word “Mars” to early looks at unfinished CG aliens who looked like cartoons (particularly frightening since the director, Andrew Stanton, came from cartoons).

Now, at the last minute, all the effects are finished and the TV spots are finally showing off some of the larger-scale setpieces. Is it too late? Let’s hope not, because there’s material here to sustain a solid franchise if the demand is there.

As in the Burroughs books, Carter is posited as an uncle of Burroughs himself (portrayed here by former Spy Kid Daryl Sabara), whose journal comes into the author’s possession as a result of the former’s apparent death.
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  • This is such a great review! Thanks E! Puts Entertainment Weekly’s to shame! No more EW for me after that! My subscription has been cancelled!

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