Global Financial News Service projects $57M Opening for John Carter

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A theme that is emerging with John Carter is that the film is polarizing both on the creative level, and among business analysts trying to predict how it will fare in the global marketplace. Hollywood insiders seem to be largely of the opinion that the Andrew Stanton directed film will open at a dismal $25m, while outsiders see it opening somewhat higher. Today Global Financial News Service posted its prediction and explained it thusly:

But March has also become a very good time for blockbusters to launch in the last six years, with a bevy of releases crossing $50 million in opening revenue despite never doing so before 2006. “John Carter” doesn’t have the brand of a popular sequel like “Ice Age: Meltdown” ($68 million in 2006) or “Alice in Wonderland” ($116 million in 2010), but the promise of top-tier special effects and sci-fi action should get audiences to theaters at least for this weekend. Look for “John Carter” to surpass $50 million domestically this weekend and to boast some very nice overseas figures due to Disney’s pull outside of the U.S. As “John Carter” takes aim at mainstream action-seeking audiences, horror film “Silent House” will hope to find the horror junkies as it hits roughly 2,000 total venues. Starring Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, “Silent House” has a few limitations that could seriously suppress its box office potential this weekend. With an R-rating and limited buzz, adult audiences may have a hard time committing to a limited release horror film when there are plenty of other options for adults. Distributor Open Road Films also doesn’t have the greatest track record as of yet, making an opening below $10 million seem likely this weekend for “Silent House.”

Comment: See our analysis yesterday which puts the opening at between 40m and 50m.

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