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Other Stuff

Last Thursday we inaugurated a live podcast and chat session that was attended by several hundred JC fans and it was terrific.. We had planned to do it again tonight but for the last couple of days the swell of JC buzz has been stressing out our server and we are now in the midst of an upgrade that will ensure we don’t get bumped offline over the next few weeks.  We decided not to tempt fate by trying to do the live podcast at the same time we’re on the phone with the hosting company and they are making changes to the site — seemed a recipe for disaster.  We do have some announcements to make, and some info to pass along — and will post it here in the blog post over the next 15-20 minutes.  So don’t leave….more in a minute.

Our Grassroots Publicity Efforts

We have gotten publicity now for John Carter, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and the “John Carter Fans Helping Promote the Film” story  in over 300 outlets nationwide including some major ones– most recently CNN, the LA Times, the Hollywood Repoorter, and other national publications.  Some local stories are now also beginning to appear, stimulated by John Carter Files users.  So — you guys are doing great and keep at it, please.  Patrick Dearen writes:  ”

Now is a good time for listeners/readers to contact local TV and radio stations re the JC release.  I contacted all three Midland-Odessa stations today and the major talk radio program.  The two individuals I spoke with by phone indicated interest.  This kind of local coverage in the week leading up to the release can have a signficant impact. My Midland Reporter-Telegram article goes to press tonight for the Sunday paper.  It will be on the entertainment section cover and will include the red JD poster.  I’ll email you a link when the article is placed on the newspaper’s website.
Don’t be shy — we can pretty much guarantee you that your local media won’t  brush you off — they will think it’s cool that fans are doing something in this situation.  It’s a good story for them — and remember you can just direct them to our media guide (see the menu bar above) for additional elements they might need or want.
Twitter is Buzzing
The twitter buzz for John Carter has accelerated tremendously in the last week as more and more people are seeing the film and tweeting about it.  You can really help with this and here are some tips:
  • On Twitter, monitor #johncarter and watch for tweets — especially those of people coming out of screenings.  When you see one, we suggest you do the following:
    • Retweet (duh)
    • But also go to that person’s feed and see if there are people there reacting to the tweet.  When you find a reaction — here’s what you do: Reply to it, making sure to hashtag it with #johncarter, #gobarsoom, and leave a brief note to the effect “you won’t be disappointed” and attach the YouTube John Carter Fan Trailer (just go on Youtube and search “John Carter Fan Trailer” — it will come right up.)
If anybody has any other ways to optimize Twitter — let us know.  There are more and more people following and chiming in on #johncarter  — the key is to get  people who are “aware” but not “must see” to convert to “must see” — and so far it seems the fan trailer is one good way to get that to happen.  If you read the comments on YouTube you’ll see time after time when people say they weren’t interested and the trailer turned them around.
Okay — that’s it for now. Might add more later.

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