John Carter “Back to Barsoom” Facebook Group closing in on 6,000 members

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The John Carter Facebook Group — “Take me back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel!” just reached 6,000 members (well it’s at 5,900++ as I write this) after 10 days in operation. To put this in perspective — (and no offense meant to other movies) Prince Of Persia’s “We want a sequel” group topped out at 333 prople; and a similar Facebook page for Van Helsing drew only 170. I’m just sayin’……there are some serious people committed to finding justice for this film, and they aren’t going to go away anytime soon.  6,000 is a good start.  But there’s more that’s interesting about this…….

I had the idea of posting one day’s worth of postings/discussions from the FB page here so people could get a feel for what’s going on over there, but when I tried to paste in that much stuff, it crashed this site. (Not kidding.)….So instead, I counted the number of posts and comments just for today.   I stopped counting when I got to 100 posts and something over 1000 comments.  I love it — what a great site and great people!

One thing that’s very cool — Edgar Rice Burroughs continues to inspire creative people and the fans include  writers, artists, and musicians who are contributing fan art and making it all very interesting.

Here are the pieces of fan art that have been posted just in the last few hours.

First of all — a very cool fan trailer by group member William Farrelly that has everybody buzzing.

by Emily Weber


Thark Night Rising by Joachim Daniel Rafaelsen

John Carter Goes to Chipotle by Aaron Mento

by Khanada Taylor


  • I’m 67 yrs old. I read all the Barsoom books as a child. I’m now re-reading them on my Kindle.
    I say this, because even as a fan of the Barsoom stories, I nearly missed ‘John Carter’ and I can’t be the only one. The publicity was rubbish and which marketing idiot thought of using that title. It would have meant nothing to anyone who was not familiar with the books.
    I only realised what the film was, because I was familiar with the name. Even calling it ‘John Carter of Mars’ would have been better, but why on earth didn’t they just use Burroughs’ own title ‘Princess of Mars’? It’s been good enough for 100 yrs.
    If it wasn’t such a ridiculous idea, it almost looks as if someone deliberately tried to scupper the film. For their own future, I suggest that Disney should closely investigate anyone connected with the marketing of the film, if not for their loyalty, then for their incompetence.

  • Why has not attended the American public to the theaters to see this movie? Going to the movies would have guaranteed a sequel. What good is complaining now? The distribution was apparently bad, but not all the blame there. In other countries, advertising is not good and yet the end result is acceptable (not a great result but it does allow for a sequel). The ideal collection for the producer would have been $ 600 million. The international revenues will reach 50% of that object, however, the local market (USA) is what has caused the devacle and the result is far below than expected. Disney will have a new Pirates of the Caribbean, although I think that the stories of John Carter could be much more interesting. I want to return to Barsoom.

  • The fact that there are fans starting a movement so soon after the films debut nearly three weeks ago is VERY encouraging. Keep it up people! We still live! On a related note: I just recently went on a trip to Disneyland with some relatives and had a blast. And I also recently told a friend to go see John Carter and at first he was very skeptical. But after he decided to take the plunge and took his friends to see the film they came back from the theater completely amazed at what the just saw! They loved it! Mission accomplished! for now…..

  • Omg… That John carter doll is totally awesome. I truly laughed out loud in the most silent room ever and had to apologize:)

    Still wearing my badge and telling kids about the book and the movie… Some still have never heard of either one

  • Proud to be part of this movement to let the world know John Carter was and is a really really really good movie, and Andrew Stanton should be considered for best Director. Yes, it’s that good a movie and it is so sad that for whatever arcane reason, Disney let the marketing be so lousy (they spent $100M on THAT?) and dropped their efforts after one weekend box office. Those of us who love the movie just don’t understand why Disney gave up so easily.

    So, let’s let Disney know they did it RIGHT! This is an opportunity to turn a losing situation into a great win. Green light the two sequels, target a more moderate 150M budget for each, and watch the profits SOAR 🙂

  • Lots of great fans on the Take Me Back to Barsoom! I Want John Carter To Have A Sequel FB group….United, in our love for Edgar Rice Burroughs/John Carter/The Mars Series…ERB was a genius, way ahead of his time…with his inventions, concepts, innovative ideas…all written in the most beautiful style…The regal pageantry/ideals/honor of his characters have proven to be timeless… Written 100 years ago…wow…Please join our group….Cheers…

  • I’m SO thrilled to see how fast the group has grown and how great the membership is! Such passion for the film, all aspects, and such huge desire to get people out to the theater and get our sequel! We hope to reach more and more people and when JC leaves theaters, focus will shift to DVD/BluRay! Go Barsoom!!

    Oh, and I DO plan on making JC’s actual harness from the film and the rest of his costume(s) too. I created him prior to the movie from a figure I found that favored Taylor Kitch so strongly I just had to have it. I want to tackle a 1/6 scale Woola and Dejah, too. But I REALLY hope that Hot Toys or Sideshow will eventually offer an 18″ Tars to go with him!

    Oh, and I also have a custome “Kantos” doll (James Purefoy that I haven’t had a chance to make a Kantos costume for yet). 🙂

  • Thanks for posting about our group, with over 200k likes on the official John Carter FB page there is for sure the potentional for double the numbers we have now at minimum. You’d be surprised how many people are out of touch with news and don’t know of the group or don’t even know the movie is hurting at the box office.

    Keep up the good work, while we keep going to the movies!

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