John Carter: Fans, film crew form “Take Me Back to Barsoom” Facebook group to lobby for a sequel

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John Carter may have encountered serious headwind in its opening weekend at the US Domestic box office (foreign sale were better, though), but that has only served to motivate a group of fans and members of the John Carter production team to form a Facebook Group called “Take Me Back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to Have a Sequel!” The purpose of the group — as the name states — is to provide a venue for fans looking for a sequel to Disney’s John Carter to let their voices be heard. If you are logged in to Facebook, this link will take you there. Or within Facebook, just type in Barsoom and it should pop right up. We’ll report more on this as we learn more about it — but want to get the link out there without further delay. Sign up an show your support for John Carter!

UPDATE: Forbes has seen the announcement and posted about it: John Carter Fans Start Facebook Group Calling for a Sequel



  • To think that this movie “butchered” anything is a gross misstatement. If you believe the John Carter movie was that bad, I have a very difficult time believing you even went to see it. Or maybe you’re the type that thinks any film with a gay in it is laudable and good no matter how bad it really is. I dunno. All I do know is that this film: John Carter… was extremely well made and deserved a far better response from the general media and the public than it received. I loved the movie! I anxiously await any and every sequel from the same crew that made this fine film.

  • Its a great intelligent movie. I hope we get both sequels, CANT WAIT to see what happens when he gets back to barsoom 10 years later; what plot have the therns hatched.

  • It’s a great FB group..and we are on a mission…to make sure there is a sequel to John Carter…come join us..and share our cause….

  • I’m a ‘John Carter’ fan all the way!!! Magnificent and phenomenal!! I want a sequel and hope that, for those who want it, ‘WE GET IT’!! The cast is amazing and Taylor Kitsch never fails to impress me. He’s done a phenomenal job in this movie. And for the haters… Get a job!!

  • If i swore to my skepticism and that I’m routinely derided as a purist and yet still liked this movie you’d likely think I’m making it up. Well, regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed this film and thought it was one of the few homage style films that got the spirit of Burroughs’ work if not the details. This rare a film should be encouraged and I hope for more.

  • Saw the film 3X this weekend, packed houses each time and people clapping at the end. My 10 yr old loved it. Thanks people for getting this campaign going, we need a sequel big time. Oh and the reviewer at Entertainment Weekly is an idiot, I’m cancelling my subscription today. Go John Carter!!!

  • Now, why didn’t I think of that? Joining just as soon as I get home. These darn school computers block just about everything!

  • Im sorry you feel that way. your’e entitled to your own opinion. I wont stop you from that.

  • Make the next one. I’ve been accused of being a rigid “purist” in the past because of my intense displeasure for the Conan films (I can’t even bother to see the one that came out last summer), Solomon Kane, Kull, Tarzan films and others. However, this film worked hard and effectively won me over. I wish I could pin it down but it boils down to retooling what would not have been done anyway so why not do a good job? There’s a sincerity and an edgy nature to this project and this is by far the most impressive casting I’ve seen in a very long time. There’s no spoon feeding the audience or any condescension for Edgar Rice Burroughs, just a timely and well written, acted and directed film that did the near impossible- it got me to like it.
    It’s not only an impressive genre effort, it’s a good film. I’m not a fan of genres but I read all the Barsoom tales twice before I turned 30. I have little interest in pastiche because it’s usually a distraction or reworking where it wasn’t required. Again, here Stanton did a strange but attractive combination of pastiche bonded with the original tale and manages to retain the spirit of the original tale. We have new reasons to do the same things. That works far better than I expected it to.
    In the end it feels like my skepticism was rewarded by giving me what I didn’t expect to want. Stanton managed to do the impossible, he managed to keep the romance adventure film alive and convincing. Under the Moons of Mars is not science fiction and never really will be. It has always been a romantic adventure wrapped up in otherworldy culture and conflict. And, in this film, that’s still the case.
    For me it’s an easy 4 out of 5 possible stars on all factors.
    If there is to be a follow-up, please, keep the cast intact.

  • I have a hard time accepting that you guys, as fans, really do want to see him mangle ‘Gods’ the way he butchered this.

    I have been almost speechless in my disgust since last Thursday night – strange how much tastes, opinions can vary on a subject.

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