John Carter now at $234M Global Gross

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Box Office Mojo now has John Carter at $234M global gross — this on a weekend where The Hunger Games brought in an extraordinary $155m in the US.

The figures are as follows:

  • Weekend Gross (3rd Weekend)
  • Domestic Total to Date: $62,347
  • Foreign: $72,000,000
  • Total : $234, 447,000



  • Theres still Japan and India releases yet to be added, also China and Canada weren’t being lncluded in those numbers late time I heard. Making the total gross over the production budget($250milion).

  • Great movie! Seen it twice! ERB would be proud! Why is the entertainment industry so down on JC? Gotta have sequels!

  • It’s a shame that the movie make not more money at the moment!!
    Because it’s a great movie maybe not perfect but great!!
    I want sequels!!

  • Should definitely gross over 300 million $ with japan still ahead, so around Prince of Persia numbers.

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