Video clip: First 10 minutes of John Carter

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Disney has released a video clip of the first 10 minutes of John Carter (minus the prologue)…..This answers the question that’s been missing in most of the trailers and clips to date:  How did John Carter get to Mars?  It’s become pretty common to release the setup of a movie like this — and is good marketing because it doesn’t give away much but if the first 10 minutes is working, it can hook an audience.

Also — here is our newest fan trailer — John Carter Fan Trailer #2 “Heritage”. This fan trailer emphasizes the history and the heritage of the John Carter.


  • I already feel like I’ve seen the movie, so I’m skipping the arena clip and this and all of the trailers & tv spots. 5 days and I’ll be in the theater, more or less virginal, apart from reading the originals…bring it on!

  • Heh … The shopkeeper should have said, “What kind of beans?” To which John Carter replies, glaring: “Normal beans.”

  • This will have to do until Friday morning,
    but in the meantime: YES! And it captures
    the mood of the opening chapter very nicely.

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