Weekend of 9 March – Box Office Actuals Released

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The actuals are out and there is no relief in sight for John Carter.  Box Office Mojo has published the actuals for March 9-11 and all of the movies in the top five saw their totals reduced, including John Carter who dropped from 30.6m to 30.1m.  While John Carter achieved a healthy plus 25.4% “Saturday bump”, it’s sunday figures were lower than original projected leading to a downward revision of more than $400,000 for the weekend.

Here is the “Actuals vs Estimates” chart from Box Office Mojo — click to enlarge.


  • So in looking at last week’s box office totals as compared to the same week last year, I noticed that they did not have the 16% jump as predicted.

    Wasn’t it around $117M last year and practically the same this year?

    What do you think about that? Why didn’t they follow the attendance trend I wonder?

  • Nope, they’re in there — included in the Friday. In this case it looks like Disney overestimated Sunday because of the big “bump” on Saturday. But the pattern is still okay — just not phenomenal. The first three days are actually very similar to the first three days of The Blind Side and that one got all the way to 255m domestic. The odds are against JC doing that……I’m just sayin’ –Blind Side started at 11m on Friday, went up 24% on Saturday to $13, then came down 34 to 9 on Sunday. Still a flicker of hope.

  • I’m not good with these figures but I wonder if they included the midnight showing into that figure? It would explain the .5 percent difference. Or am I just tired of reading all the negative press since the movie-even with its problems as an ERB adaptation-was pretty good?

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