• “John Carter” wasn’t a perfect movie, and there are things about it that I would have changes, or, more correctly, that I would have NOT changed from Burroughs’ original story. Still, it was, up to that time, by far the best translation of an Edgar Rice Burroughs story that I have ever seen on film. Maybe it wasn’t the blockbuster of 2012, but it certainly didn’t deserve the trashing that the critics gave it.

  • Maybe we need to get this franchise away from Disney.. This would be a great Guillermo del Toro project, or maybe Pete Jackson can give it a try… My daughter and I loved this move and really want a sequel. It is on Spike a bunch this month… maybe it will increase the interest.

  • I read the book as a teen and the movie followed it very closely and I really enjoyed it. My 13 year old son watched it with me and he loved it too. I am not sure why it did not do better in theaters. I guess people can’t appreciate a good movie any longer. It is a classic movie that follows a classic book that is very good in my opinion.

  • I really loved where this movie came from: a book written so long ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, special effects, and costuming. Casting and acting was exceptional. However, at the time of its initial release, the advertising was weak, the title was wrong, and after I saw the film, I could not find it believable that this was a Disney movie. Anything released from their studios I expect to be properly heralded and, no matter how hard I try to resolve my disappointment with their advertisement of this film, I think the investors or anyone invested in its success would have good reason to sue somebody.
    This movie deserves a sequel: Not because of the pre-release advertising, but because of the effect it caused amongst its viewers. Properly presented, a sequel would create a secondary sales spike in the first movie and make these stories an exciting event for viewers and a truly profitable venture.

  • This was an excellent movie with excellent acting. I did see it in the movies but reluctantly. I thought the ads made it look like a stupid movie with terrible acting…couldn’t be further from the truth! I have since rented it three times…I know I should just buy it, but have enjoyed it over and over again as does all my family! Make a sequel with ALL the same actors and get a good advertising company to promote and it will be huge. Everyone I talk to agrees this was a great movie!!

  • Atlas Shrugged did horribly on the movie circuit, but they followed with Atlas Shrugged Part 2 which went direct to DVD. Now Atlas Shrugged Part 3 is scheduled to come out next year. John Carter (Other than the stupidity behind the name choice {probably changed the name to avoid offending some tiny demographic that wouldn’t go to see the movie anyway}) is a much better movie and more deserving if sequels. Hollywood hasn’t figured out that the entertainment business model has evolved and fewer people want to sit in a crowded, noisy, over-priced theater. Most people enjoy watching movies in the comfort of their own homes and their entertainment centers are probably superior to what can be found in most theaters.

  • I think it’s not necessary saying how great the movie is. But it is necessary, extremely necessary saying that it deservers a sequel. I’ve bought the books and the movie and would buy the sequel and help promoting it

  • I am beginning to think the Marketing firm has relatives of the Disney execs. That’s the only possible explanation for such incompetence. Heck, the Lorax had better marketing than John Carter. Of course, limiting the name to “John Carter’ guaranteed the market would be limited to people who knew something about Burroughs.

    At first, I was put off by the tattoos (still don’t see the reasoning for them), but Lynn Collins was stunning as Dejah Thoris. Taylor was pretty good as JC…definitely better than a TomCruise or Brad Pitt would have been.

    If Disney doesn’t do a sequel, they are all idiots. A good solid sequel with real marketing efforts would root the franchise as a major factor for years to come. But I suspect most of the Disney execs are incompetent.

  • OMG, I can’t believe this movie wasn’t a smash. Everyone I have spoken to who has watched it loves it. I watch it every time it comes up on cable, I have it recorded on my box and I bought the Bluray disk. I bet I have seen it 30 times, and will probably watch it another 30 times. If they do a sequel, I’m in for sure. If they change the actors then they’re stupid. I fell in love with Lynn Collins and Taylor Kitsch is the next Brad Pitt. What a cool guy and Lynn is awesome. Why would you invest $200 million in a project like this and not spend the money to market it correctly?! Oh, btw, I loved the sound track and William Dafoe’s voice. I have every intention in going out and buy the book for my upcoming vacation. Disney, how do you think you missed it on this deal? I want a sequel.

  • Brilliant movie, great story line absolutely gutted they brought it out at the same time as Avatar!!! This is why it failed in my opinion, that and the fact the advertising in comparison was poor. There was only one film on at that point and that was Avatar which was down to a poor advising campaign. Bring back a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Disney rejected an opening monologue?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOsUhZHHsfE SaveFrom.net
    Like Dajeh stated in the movie… “Well, that explains everything”. hmmm

    In advertising there is a saying, “KISS: Keep it simple stupid”. The problem occurred when KISS was applied to the name of the motion picture, and it did not work. The movie is about a Princess of Mars, the book title was “A Princess of Mars” , so why did Disney kill the obvious choice? Like : “John Carter and The Princess of Mars”? Idiota!
    The original directors cut was just what the movie needed to anchor Dejah, Mars and the 9th Ray into the ground for the audience. The other irritation centered around the title, when Disney execs did not want to use Mars in the title of the movie… Mr. Stanton had to fight for the name, but only to be added at the end of the movie…. Again… Lame! So, Disney should get it’s multiple heads out of it’s many behinds and finish the opening scene, etc.. re-edit and call it the Directors cut on DVD. Avatar did it, why not JC of Mars?
    Get is right for the loyal fans…. please.

  • I loved John Carter and can’t for the life of me understand how they can call it a flop?! Not sure about the box office but I’m pretty close when calling moves a flop or a hit. This movie had it all. The plot, story line, characters, great acting and actors. I just hope Disney gets a clue and makes a sequel SOON. I will definitely be in line on opening night. Please keep the same actors they were awesome. That would be a disappointment to fix what isn’t broken. JOHN CARTER DESERVES A SEQUEL~!!!!

  • Excellent movie overall… All to often the audience will gets to hung up on the props and do not just sit back and enjoy the adventure. They might ignore the amount of work the goes into a story line, the relationships of the main characters and creating the nuances in the production… I would guess that most critics have never worked in theater or in the multimedia bizz… When you understand how much work goes into creating the picture, especially one that is in harmony with a beautiful soundtrack, then its just incredible. It’s good to voice an opinion, that means you are engaging the movie and the hundreds of people that make the production. If I am touched by a movie, then I will view the picture several times to make sure I did not miss the details of the production.
    Taylors voice does not carry as well as the other characters, and that was a negative… so it’s helpful to have your finger on the sound level button when you watch the movie because the levels change dramatically. He does look rugged, and the long hair fits in with the time and his pursuit of the gold. His height and look works with Collins character and they have chemistry on the screen. It is science fiction and produced in the spirit of the author, Disney and Pixar. I hope the movie develops the same cult following equal to that of the movies/series: Firefly, The Fifth Element and The Chronicles of Riddick.

  • I agree that Disney needs to have a little faith in cast, crew, and story and do the sequel with some REAL marketing efforts this time. They can feel free to contact for some tips and advice. The MBA brain freeze has set in and they became frightened. With a little vision and faith, this could be as big as the Lord of the RIngs, Harry Potter, and the Avengers franchises.

  • Just watch it for the second time and really enjoyed it and would really like to see a follow up or two. On the whole I thought the production was good only the CG backgrounds in 2 scenes really stood out like an uninvited Thark at a wedding.
    Having seen it I don’t understand why Disney had such little faith in it. The best thing Disney can do to recoup their short fall is to make the sequel, same cast & crew etc, pay a little bit more attention to detail in the CG composites and throw a proper ad’ / promotion campaign for it.

  • I thought it was good entertainment, storey line a bit week but great graphics close to brilliant, I would watch the sequel without hesitation and I am 70 years old if that means anything.

  • i see this film on dvd because they did not market it well ,if they market it well i would have seen it at the cinema ,next time u tell all talk shows how this film got the best reviews from people not film idiot critics that are on the pay check and u take it to chat shows and tell how people loved this film ,i watched it 4x now and i still want to keep watching it soon ,it must must have a sequel with the same actors must ,no one see rocky first one but all see rocky 3 yes at cinima and rocky 4 ,do ur job well as its ur job xxx

  • One of my top three movies from last year, joining The Avengers and Silver Lining Playbook. I saw it several times, including IMAX 3D. It deserved a better reception and fate than what Disney gave it. The astonishing thing about this is John Carter felt like a film that Walt Disney would had made if he had the technology. This will become the classic sleeper hit that it deserved to be.

  • I agree with you, i loved this movie and i think it was marketed badly. I am still
    reading his books. Waiting to ruturn to barsoom!

  • JC was extremely well done. It is really the first time anyone has done justice to any of ERB’s novels. I have read at least 60 of ERB’s stories including of course all JC, Tarzan and Carson of Venus novels and am hanging out for the sequel. Being a writer myself I’m often critical of flaws in storylines, especially where they depart too far from an original novel’s storyline, but JC was excellent and has assumed the mantle of my favourite film – no easy achievement….

  • They should have stuck closer to the book. I doubt tis movie would have sparked Carl Sagan’s interest in science.
    Having said that, I hope there is a sequel. I hope there are at least four sequels. In the fifth book in the series, Burroughs describes the game of Jetan or Martian chess. I’ve written a program for playing Jetan.

  • I happened to really enjoy this film and hardly pay any attention to what the industry film critics have to say. Everyone’s preference is different and to trust some critic that you don’t know personally is nothing more than blind obedience. In my opinion, its more economical to save my money and buy movies on bluray than to see films in theater. This way I can enjoy the film more than once without forking out so much cash. With large flat screen TV’s and home theaters becoming more prevalent I imagine i’m not the only one who feels this way. Perhaps its time for the movie industry to rethink their profit strategies and not rely so heavily on box office sales.

  • I have watched this movie three times and I cant get enough of it and the story.
    This movie grabbed ahold of me like no other has in a very long time. Well done
    Disney. I am looking forward to the second one, and if not I will read all the books on john carter of mars. I got the blue ray today and will watch it again tonight. I am hooked! Take me back to barsoom

  • I’ve just seen John Carter a few days ago on the television, and my opinion is that the movie was great. The fictional world was rich with story. I would love to see a sequel and I regret not seeing the first one in theaters. When I saw it on tv I liked it so much the next day I went out to buy it. Please make a sequel with the same cast and continue the story with the books!

  • Great movie. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Reading the Gods of Hollywood with JC soundtrack… It would make a wonderful Documentary… maybe it could inspire more action…

  • I loved this movie and want to see more like it! it really just works for me in a way few movies like it have in recent years; anyone who says (and I quote, you know who you are) “it’s just a copy of Avatar with some Star Wars & Gladiator thrown in” obviously either has just watched a 2 minute trailer of it, or of course doesn’t watch these films for entertainment & enjoyment (both of witch it delivers brilliantly) but just so they can poke holes in it and have something to fill in their cobbled together articles that the gullible will assume to be truth and, in turn, never go to see the movie. Box office figures accordingly fall, Disney gets scared and pulls all funding, instead deciding to play it safe and buy the next Star Wars film instead (god knows what that’ll be like, if it ever turns up all).Taylor Kitsch’s (who gave his best performance in a film so far) career goes up the proverbial creek minus paddle (Battleship or no Battleship) and the film promptly never gets a much deserved sequel. If there really is any chance at all of getting the rights to make an independant sequel it would be so great, I lend my support to it & hope all other JC fans will do the same.

  • I just watched John Carter again and like the first time I thought it to be the best movie I have ever seen. Now I said to myself maybe I am liking it more because I have been an ERB fan for 50 years, so I spent some time watching my other Fav, movies like Avatar, Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans, also I have recently seen Avengers and Skyfall and then I watched John Carter again and I loved it even more than any of them, mind you they are still all good movies.

  • I knew nothing about John Carter until someone told me about it after they watched it. They described a movie much different than the movie trailers I watched. So, I watched it ,(not knowing anything about the history of John Carter) ,and I loved it!!!! I thought they did a great job with the storline and actors and actresses. The only problem I had were the white apes in the Arena scene, but the rest was fantastic for a Sci-fi fantasy movie.
    I bought the DVD and watch it often. It’s a shame Disney blew it on the marketing of this movie. I hope someone can buy the rights from Disney and make a sequel.

  • Really enjoyed the movie and bought the DVD. But what do I know, I’m just part of the demographic with disposible income to do such things.

    Most alluring line in a movie this year: “Back in one zat, John Carter of Earth.

  • Loved the movie. Just watched it again for the 7th time. I really want Disney to do the sequel. I think this would bring the clasics to a new generation to love.

  • I agree that Lynn Collins was incomparable as Dejah Thoris, aside from the tattoos. I wish the first movie had focused a bit more on the Martian history & culture and the relationship between Carter & Dejah, but… maybe the next movie will fill in the blanks.

  • I loved the movie. I bought the DVD and went and saw it 6 times in the theater. Half in 3D and the others in 2D, I thought the 2D was clearer and easier to view. I have always loved the series by ERB and loved the Character of Dejah. From the novels to the comics when I was a child to the Marvel version when I was a teen. I would say that Dejah and John Carter are my favorite literary couple. In the movie, I liked the changes Stanton made to each character and thought that Lynn Collins was fantastic and Taylor Kitsch was John Carter. I thought the CGI was generally well done, with a few small glitches. I thought I would have had Taylor try to evoke a virgina accent when speaking even in Barsoomian. A couple of lines were cheesy, but all in all the movie is my favorite, surpassing LOTR and Gladitor. I really hope the two other films get made with Lynn Collins as the incomparable Dejah Thoris. I loved her performance.

  • I would like to see a little less CGI and a little more physical effects. I read the whole JC series when I was a kid and belonged to the SciFi Book Club and they really are worthy of some screen time. Maybe a little more Frazetta influence, eh? (Lynn Collins was a good step in that direction)

  • I absolutely loved the first john carter, the battle seens, the depiction of mars, graphics all pulled off a great movie…i have watched john carter several times and each time feels like the first. I am truly anxious to see just how Disney can continue to bring the books to life on the big screen. I do enjoy reading but to see a book come to life in a movie just gives fans a whole new look understanding and view of each character. I give everyone involved with the first movie 10 thumbs up and a job well done….with a tad bit better marketing and advertisement alongside the same passion and vision manifested in the first, john carter sequels are sure to be a hit!

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