Yidio TV News: Disney’s John Carter A Surprise Hit Overseas

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From Yidio TV News

Check it out, everybody! Somebody liked Disney’s “John Carter” after all!

Lots of people liked it, in fact – just not Americans, according to The Huffington Post.

In its first 10 days on screens in China, Disney’s most questionable release in years made $10.4 million in its opening weekend and a total $29.8 million in its first 10 days. The opening weekend numbers alone were good enough for Disney’s second-highest Chinese opening weekend ever.

The Huffington Post’s thoughts attribute the Chinese numbers bolstering this American Turkey to a combination of foreign markets’ hunger for U.S. features, and the 3D format being an established Chinese hit. “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” set the country’s record in 2011 for all-time biggest opening weekend and “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2” came in third place on the all-time list. “Avatar” was for some reason omitted from the historic rankings, according to HuffPo, but its own 2009 release was reported to have broken opening records, as well.

Topping Disney’s best Chinese efforts: “Tron Legacy” opening in 2010 to $10.6 million.

The solid numbers can only bring Disney brass a big sigh of relief. The Edgar Rice Burroughs novel’s adaptation cost Disney at least $250 million simply to produce it, then untold more millions promoting it. It’s currently made a disappointing $63 million domestically, but $172 million internationally among all releases. It’s set to open in Japan April 13, which should only add to the $264-million overall gross.

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  • The funny thing is, Despite it’s weak box office performance in North America, I’ve met a lot of film-goers here that loved the film. I expect John Carter to make decent money worldwide now to after it leaves theater, And I’m sure the Blu-ray and DVD sales will be positive.

  • May I just add, the BEST time for me was the 5th time. I may have to revise that after I see it for the 6th time this weekend! God I’m going to miss the film in the time between theater and DVD release!! I’ll be falling to my knees outside beneath Barsoom, begging to return! Och Ohem, Och Tay, Whees, BARSOOM!!! 😀

  • Harold-

    You did tell us so, and I’m believing you, friend.

    I noticed in another post that youve seen this film 3 times, and I just wanted to mention that when I went the fourth time, I really enjoyed it much much more than the third time. The fourth was by far the best of all.

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