Youtube Comments show that releasing the first 10 minutes of John Carter is the best argument Disney has put forward yet for the movie

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As of this writing, only 319 people have viewed the first 10 minutes of John Carter on Youtube (it’s only been out for a couple of hours) but there are already 100 comments and they are overwhelmingly favorable. This is really significant because the deft, sure handed film-making of Andrew Stanton and the charm of the story are both on display here – -a first.

Now the question is — will enough people view this clip to make a difference.  [Update from Daniel: It’s also been posted on the Disney fan page on Facebook which has 33m Fans. Yay!]

Rest assured we’ll be doing our best to get this clip viewed by as many people as possible.

Here are the Youtube comments to date — so gratifying to see, and so different from the comments on the trailers.


  • This…



    AmishParadise27 5 minutes ago

  • HAHAHA!!! This was way different than the book, but I still like it!

    roargathor 11 minutes ago

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    JohnCarterVideos 7 minutes ago

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    reownergames 6 minutes ago

  • @roargathor It is, but you can still recognize elements from the book even in that clip.

    Kleineganz 6 minutes ago


    PKSiggy24wc 15 minutes ago

  • So much for the myth of stuffing the best parts in the trailers… This is like a whole other movie… one I’d pay to see.

    ianabruce 16 minutes ago

  • No! Why did it cut off like that?! I guess I’ll have to watch the movie! It looks good so far!

    FandSproduction 24 minutes ago

  • Are you fucking kidding me with that ending ? -.-

    Mixedhero 25 minutes ago

  • Why did you cut it at the most exciting part?! WHYYYY?

    (jk, marketing purposes of course) lol

    MBenjo 31 minutes ago

  • This looks great. It’s got that Indiana Jones feel to it and that makes me very happy.

    HerrWeinachten 31 minutes ago

  • Nevermind the changes from the book. What I want to know is how Powell cleaned the shaving cream off his face and healed that cut fast enough to catch up to Carter.

    balgus82 33 minutes ago

  • @balgus82 they probably cut the clip a little bit

    reownergames 26 minutes ago

  • @balgus82 Movie magic! 😉

    Kleineganz 7 minutes ago

  • Looks great.

    970954894NG09 34 minutes ago

  • Pretty much ten minutes of awesome.

    Jelinotcha 34 minutes ago

  • this whole movie is already online, google tubeplus and enjoy, this isnt spam

    eLLriDe420 35 minutes ago

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    Krybo 35 minutes ago

  • I am so stoked! Very good job. If the rest of the movie is this good I think guaranteed franchise. Just hope the word of mouth gets out there and enough people see it.

    ClausenLT 35 minutes ago

  • Comment removed

    Krybo 36 minutes ago

  • this looks so much better than i thought it would!

    aussiechic402 37 minutes ago

  • incredible, this only makes me feel more eager to see next friday!!

    K3CHU 39 minutes ago

  • Walter White?! shit just got real

    2Good2BeTrue45 49 minutes ago

  • @2Good2BeTrue45 oh my god is heisenberg!! he backs to the past with moustache haha!

    K3CHU 38 minutes ago

  • finally youtube works on my IE10

    127prats 49 minutes ago

  • omg that whole scene is how i imagined it in my mind when i read the book…. ahh good times good times XD

    TheOldSnake007 51 minutes ago 2 

  • I’ve waited this story to be filmed for a LONG time. Finally!

    TamanikaBengal 53 minutes ago 2 

  • Is it the 9th yet?


    SpotterOz 54 minutes ago

  • 33-YEARS AND 4-DAYS….


    Archonis 54 minutes ago


    nasnek 55 minutes ago

  • @nasnek Starts off that way but changes about the point where this video ended…

    Gizmobyte 54 minutes ago

  • A bit different than the book but in many ways similar. They add an aspect of his character that isn’t in the books, that he had a wife and is bitter about her death and of fighting. It’s already a 2 hr & 20 min film so they had to limit character development somewhat to keep the length down.

    Gizmobyte 55 minutes ago 2 

  • wow, dat cliffhanger at the end… ! must see

    thegreywizard96 1 hour ago 3 

  • There would be no Star Wars if it wasn’t for John Carter, Warlord of Mars.

    adventuretom 1 hour ago 2 

  • John Carter OF MARS, I’ll be there.

    Count on me.

    ObiProvKenobi 1 hour ago 3 

  • I had forgotten all about these books till I saw the preview. I can’t wait for the movie!

    CarpeMetus 1 hour ago

  • wahaha! im the “1” hater on this video!

    murmeli12341 1 hour ago

  • @murmeli12341 I’m sorry


    3000TOMTOM 1 hour ago

  • Wait thats a Disney movie!? If it is then why does it have swears in it like that guy at 2:19

    JenniferDiski124 1 hour ago

  • @JenniferDiski124 God Damn loon?

    TokeeTheMagicDragon 1 hour ago

  • @JenniferDiski124 Hardly bad language.

    TokeeTheMagicDragon 1 hour ago

  • @TokeeTheMagicDragon It kind of is for a Disney movie, lol.

    TEKITOcreations 54 minutes ago

  • @JenniferDiski124 This is a PG-13 Disney movie ….

    Kleineganz 1 hour ago

  • the second trailer made me want to read the book, so i finished the first book, then after the second book in the series i watched the third trailer and was totally disappointed because it’s not a screening of the books… it’s more of a spinoff. These first 10 minutes sealded it; they don’t even come close to the action in the Princess of Mars. there were indians and he did carry a guy to a cave but the guy was already dead and it was night and…. you get the point. Still gonna watch it 🙂

    serbanalecs 1 hour ago

  • @serbanalecs watch the legacy featurette. the more you watch films & read books, the more you will realize that not every minute detail from 1 medium can be translated into another. it just doesn’t work that way, it will destroy the film.

    nenabunena 1 hour ago

  • @serbanalecs You almost have to expect them to rewrite parts of the story to appeal to a wider audience. Even Lord of the Rings didn’t stick 100% to the books. I can see why they changed it the way they did for this sequence.

    Kleineganz 1 hour ago 2 

  • Disney on FB brought me here!!

    LaurenAKAHippie 1 hour ago 3 

  • lol wth i think i saw the whole movie with all these trailers !

    S3oOoDxXxAAGK 1 hour ago

  • The music sounds fantastic. Michael Giacchino is amazing!

    AshleyNichols92 1 hour ago

  • 04:0604:31, surprisingly badass. can’t wait to see this movie in IMAX 3D. 😀

    MrMovieman737 1 hour ago 12 

  • Comment removed

    MrMovieman737 1 hour ago

  • my kids are going to LOVE this, which means repeated trips back to see it 😀 AWESOME.

    SameKookySelf 1 hour ago 9 

  • I wish they include the other 122 mins split up in seperate Youtube videos – yeah i will defo go to the cinema after that 😉

    sagat4 1 hour ago 2 

  • what did he saw?? what did he saw?? what did he saw????

    metalxspider 1 hour ago 2 

  • @metalxspider You’ll find out … 😉

    Kleineganz 1 hour ago

  • ..lose the horn music lol every time John wants to fight

    moviebuff383 1 hour ago 2 

  • Everyones faces are so frecken furry!


    Sideburns and beards!!! GAH!


    frostedray 1 hour ago

  • what a great clip! left you wanting more! nice cliff hanger too! love the directing already! excited!!!

    nenabunena 1 hour ago 2 

  • nice

    MetalDuckOnline 1 hour ago

  • I don’t know whats going on.

    shannong361 1 hour ago

  • Knicks brought me here Lol

    columbusdinner 1 hour ago

  • @columbusdinner Me too lol

    ShadyySlimm 1 hour ago

  • Comment removed

    hashtagtahm 1 hour ago

  • @hashtagtahm Not everything has to be hardcore and super violent to be cool or badass. Does movies like Spider-Man or Mission Impossible 4 have a ton of blood and gore? No, but they were still great action movies.

    TEKITOcreations 1 hour ago 2 

  • I came here while watching the knicks vs celtics game.

    LuckySSLIM 1 hour ago

  • Seven minuets in, and I had to pause the video, so I could purchase my IMAX ticket online. I can’t wait to see the other 122 minutes.

    TheForceFollower94 1 hour ago

  • Saw an early showing a couple weeks ago. This movie is fantastically made and I hope it does well!

    Fluidshine 1 hour ago 2 

  • 10 minutes.. heck show the first hour of the movie, why not lol

    moviebuff383 1 hour ago

  • like if u just seen that ill play Jeremy Lin just pulled

    bobopatch11 1 hour ago

  • Oh, it’s going to be AWESOME.


    SherlockGriffin 1 hour ago

  • Is that Bob from That 70’s Show?

    hashtagtahm 1 hour ago

  • friday night lights the tv show. Is where he is from.

    TheFuzzyGorilla 1 hour ago

  • @TheFuzzyGorilla i think moonlight meant the nephew.

    nenabunena 1 hour ago

  • This 10 Minute Clip is the best footage of John Carter on the internet yet!

    JohnCarterVideos 1 hour ago

  • Thanks for the peek but this really shows how desperate they are to get this a BO success. $250 in the balance. I mean who really gives 10 minutes out? I still can’t wait to see this though.


  • @EJTVUTUBECHANNEL desperate yes but it might just work and it is a first:)

    sagat4 1 hour ago

  • @sagat4 Maybe, risky gamble.

    EJTVUTUBECHANNEL 36 minutes ago

  • @EJTVUTUBECHANNEL I’ve several big previews for movie were sure to be hits. Maybe not ten minutes big, but still.

    TEKITOcreations 1 hour ago

  • @TEKITOcreations No this is extremely long for a preview. This shows Disney’s iffyness. No doubt this will be good but you never know how the film going populace will react.

    EJTVUTUBECHANNEL 37 minutes ago

  • Oh simply amazing!!!

    Marianne14teen 1 hour ago

  • Disney Faceboook 😀

    atann6900 1 hour ago

  • He’s from Spy Kids…! :O

    moonlightgirls123 1 hour ago

  • 319:)

    busk7 1 hour ago

  • Awesome!

    JeremyBlack92 1 hour ago

  • Thank you for posting this! Can’t wait to see it in the IMAX!

    AshleyNichols92 1 hour ago

  • <3__<3

    thijs674 1 hour ago

  • Thank you for this HUGE sneak peek ! So impatient to see the whole thing !


    mathsky44 1 hour ago

  • Damn cliffhangers XD

    marth380 1 hour ago

  • Nice stuff. Watching now.


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