Andrew Stanton Has Tweeted — take a “Last Trip to Barsoom” on April 19, thanks fans

John Carter News

Andrew Stanton has gotten wind of the John Carter fans’ plan to make a show of force at El Capitan Theater’s final showing of John Carter on April 19th at 7pm. Fans on Facebook are buzzing now about the shootout from Andrew. Here it is, and here is the link where you can buy tickets:

Stanton has also thanked fans:

“Thanks to the fans for the Herculean efforts to garner support for the movie. You’ve gone way beyond the call of duty and have proven to be be passionate and unwavering, and that’s a tremendous gift for a filmmaker. You simply make movies in the hopes that it will satisfy the people who choose to watch. All of us who worked so hard on the film are eternally grateful for your voices. I will unfortunately be traveling on 4/19 but will be with you in spirit and will help spread the word about the screening. Thanks for all your efforts.”


  • On the wrong side of the Atlantic but with you in spirit.

    John Carter is great movie- everyone who i know who has seen it, loves it.

    keep the faith and have a great time.

  • I love everyone in here you guys are all amazing i wish so badly to be at that theater, but i am on the east coast. i will nickname my dog woola or jasoom in the spirit of this event

  • I am also on the east coast, but will be with you all in spirit ..I will be seeing JC again too…The vision lives on….BARSOOM……..

  • Wish I could be there! Let’s hope “others” notice too, and that DVD sales are strong!

  • Made some misspellings on my last post. Sorry about that. But I’m sure you all understand what I was getting at.

  • Quite a wonderful surprise, sounds like he would of joined us if he wasn’t traveling. I’ll be at a movie theatres on the east coast at the exact time of the event.

    Cheers Mates

  • My respect for Andrew has just skyroekted beyond the atmosphere and has traveled by light all the way to Barsoom!! Many thanks Andrew!! Here’s to you future endeavor’s. Hopefully will return to Barsoom some day.

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