John Carter celebrates 100th birthday

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No, he’s not ERB’s John Carter, but this John Carter just happens to have been born in 1912, exactly 100 years ago, like the other John Carter, and he happens to be a pretty cool dude, shooting clay pigeons on his 100th birthday. ┬áCheck out the video below, and the article after the video.


From the OC Register

“Pull,” said the man holding the 20-gauge Beretta shotgun.

The clay pigeon flew into the air; John Carter tracked it, aimed, pulled the trigger and fired. Shattering the clay pigeon into hundreds of pieces at the Triple B Clays Shotgun Sports Park in South El Monte.

“I shoot pretty good,” said Carter on Friday, his 100th birthday. That’s right. 100.

Patrons of the shooting range honored the Leisure World resident on his birthday with a 100-gun salute. Nearly 50 people stood in line and fired shot after shot until they reached 99.

Carter fired the 100th shot at the place where he treks to at least once a week to keep up his shooting skills.

“Shoot at what you’re going to shoot at, and really shoot at it,” he said on the range.

He credits his long life to his parents; his mother lived to 95 and his father into his 80s. His brother Lynn is 93.

He also credits his wife of 68 years. The two of them led an active lifestyle until her death two years ago.

That lifestyle included hunting, fishing for three months each summer on their boat in the waters off Alaska, and skiing all around the world well into their 80s.

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