John Carter Fan Trailer “Heritage” — in Japanese


With John Carter being released on April 13 in Japan, we’re very happy to be able to share our Fan Trailer “Heritage” in Japanese.  Hope we got the translation right — had some great help!   To our Japanese brethren — join our group on Facebook and help us get respect for this deserving movie, and a sequel!  Take me Back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a Sequel (Facebook Group)

UPDATE Saturday 6PM:  Well, just found it embedded on one Japanese site.  Kinda hard to search — but here’s the link for the one I found: John Carter Japanese Fan Trailer on

One thought on “John Carter Fan Trailer “Heritage” — in Japanese

  • This is awesome! For me it really highlights the universal appeal of the stories.

    Is Japan the last big market to open?

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