John Carter Fans Out to “Make a Statement” at final screening of the film at Hollywood’s El Capitan

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For updates about the “Last Trip to Barsoom” event — go to this link.

Following is the original story — which includes the article below; plus (scroll down) quotes from fans who have seen the film multiple times; plus a fan art gallery, and fan trailers.

It all started a few days ago when John Carter fan Daria Brooks posted on Facebook: “I’m going to see John Carter at El Capitan for the final show there on April 19th. I just feel like I should be there.”   The viewing will  be her 15th since the film was released on March 9th and she is far from alone in viewing double digit screenings of the Andrew Stanton film.

From this casual wall post — which went up on the 8,000 member Facebook group site: “Take me Back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel!”, other fans have taken to the concept, and John Carter fans are planning to converge on El Capitan for the last screening in a  “Last Trip To Barsoom” movement to pay respects and share a last journey to the Mars given to them by Andrew Stanton and Edgar Rice Burroughs.  “Most films go quietly at the end of their theatrical run; John Carter will not — the fans won’t let it,” said Jack Scanlan, a Hollywood publicist who serves The John Carter Files as the”pro bono” publicist of the Global Army of Barsoom and the right hands of Dotar Sojat…”  “I’ve never seen anything quite like it.” 

The “Last Trip to Barsoom” idea is a simple one:  Fans, using social media,  are simply urging one another to converge on El Capitan Theater in Hollywood for the final showing of John Carter on April 19th at 7PM.  (Click here for details.)  With 800 seats, El Capitan is rarely booked to capacity even on opening day, and a normal closing night would typically see a small crowd.  John Carter fans hope that by coming out in support of the film, they will send a message that the film is gradually growing the kind of fan base that will cause it to eventually be regarded among films like Blade Runner and 2001: A Space Odyssey, both of which met mixed critical reviews and had limited box office success initially.    The group plans to have videographers on hand to interview fans as they leave after seeing it for the last time — many of whom will have seen the film 10 or more times by the time they exit the last screening.

What makes the John Carter fan activism  intriguing is that it has sprung up around a film that entered the marketplace dogged by many have since characterized as a “predetermined flop narrative” based on the high budget of $250M, and a marketing campaign that failed to ignite interest prior to the film’s release.  And flop it did, at least in the US, where it earned only $30.6 M in its opening weekend en route to a likely domestic total in the $70M range; however the film has done considerably better overseas and will, by the end of its theatrical run, bring in close to $300M in global domestic box office — a respectable figure, just not large enough to offset the high cost of producing and promoting the film.  Fans hold out hope that an upsurge in interest, as positive word of mouth and fan activism has its impact, will lead to a strong DVD/Blu-ray release, and early indications are that the pre-orders for discs on are strong and may lead to a DVD/Blu-ray release that exceeds expectations.  A sequel, however, remains a longshot – but this has not daunted the fans who have coalesced around the Facebook Group calling for a sequel and other websites and groups focused on using fan activism to make a difference in the final outcome for the film, and the potential franchise.

The fans making the pilgrimage to El Capitan (and other sites across the country in a coordinated effort) display a depth of commitment to the film that is unusual, even for a hit film — much moreso for a film labeled as the “flop of the century”.

Debbie Banway, who has seen the film 8 times, describes her experience as an ultimate escape: “I love being taken away from the hum drum of everyday life. When I watch John Carter I am transported to Barsoom. The music, the story, the wonderful actors. I sit there and feel like a kid again. No worries, no problems for 2 hours and 25 minutes I am happy and free for the cost of a movie ticket.”  David Scot Popoe, who has seen it six times: The movie always seems new each time I see it and there are scenes that are continually moving. The story is inspiring and it is just pure simple fun to watch. I feel like I’m connecting with the air of wonder that was part of my childhood again.”

The film’s director, Andrew Stanton, learned of the planned show of force from fans on April 19  and tweeted the event, then  sent the fans a message:

“Thanks to the fans for the Herculean efforts to garner support for the movie. You’ve gone way beyond the call of duty and have proven to be be passionate and unwavering, and that’s a tremendous gift for a filmmaker. You simply make movies in the hopes that it will satisfy the people who choose to watch. All of us who worked so hard on the film are eternally grateful for your voices. I will unfortunately be traveling on 4/19 but will be with you in spirit and will help spread the word about the screening. Thanks for all your efforts.”

The film’s star Taylor Kitsch has also recognized the fans, and in particular the Facebook group, most recently in a  statement released by Rogers and Cowan, Kitsch’s publicity firm,  in response to erroneous reports in a few media outlets that he had “nixed” the idea of participating in a John Carter sequel:

Taylor is absolutely supportive of John Carter and like the fans, he’s hoping for a sequel. He is particularly appreciative of all the work being done by John Carter fans on Facebook and elsewhere and wants them to know that they, and the movie, have his full support.”

Support for the fan effort has also come from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc,, the family owned company that administers the rights of the John Carter series and Burroughs’ other, more famous literary character, Tarzan of the Apes.   Jim Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc, confirmed via email to the group that he and a contingent from the Burroughs organization will attend the screening in a show of solidarity with fans:

You [the fans] are  creating all the Love this movie needs to get some legs under it and possibly even a sequel.  I’ve been reading and reading all the facebook messages from all the fans. They are all inspiring…..I and I and some of the rest of us from ERB Inc will be there on the 19th.

What Fans Say

We asked fans three questions: How many times have you seen John Carter? What’s the most number of times you’ve seen any other film?  Why so many viewings?

  • Debbie Banwa  1. How many times have you seen John Carter? 8 times. I don’t admit that to everyone. 2.When is the last time you saw a movie multiple times like this? I am a huge Harry Potter Fan Saw the Last movie 4 times, mainly so I could hear John Williams score one more time. 3.What is it about John Carter that motivates you to keep seeing it? (really give some thought to this…) I love being taken away from the hum drum of everyday life. When I watch John Carter I am transported to Barsoom. The music, the story, the wonderful actors. I sit there and feel like a kid again. No worries, no problems for 2 hours and 25 minutes I am happy and free for the cost of a movie ticket.

  • David Steel  1) I saw John Carter ten times. Well, ten and a half. An hour into my fourth screening there was a power failure so we drove to another cinema across town. 2) The only other film I’ve seen ten times at the flicks was “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey” back in 92 when I was 18/19 years old. 3) I saw JC so many times for a number of reasons. Firstly, I had been waiting YEARS to see the film, I first encountered the character in a Marvel comix when I was about six and read the novels for the first time in my 20s when I really became a big fan of ERB. So my anticipation was high and I was UTTERLY overwhelmed the first time I saw the saw it. Multiple viewings helped me take it all in.
  • Daniel Presnell: I have seen John Carter 7 times in the theater. It never gets old, each time I see the film something new pops off the screen.I have been waiting for over 35 years for someone to bring this story to the big screen and for other people to get the chance to see it. Growing up the John Cater books were a place for me to escape the stress of growing up in a home that was breaking up at the seams and the hell of middle school that we all go thru.But here was a book with a hero from Virginia, like me. Not Gotham City or Tattooine or the bridge of the Enterprise but Virginia . A place I knew well. John Carter went thru hard times and never lost faith and in the end won the day for his cause. The books gave me the great gift of hope!. Flash forward to 2012, and I find myself in a place that is almost as dark as those years, Lost two family members in the last 19 months and health problems of my own. However when I sit in that large dark room and the curtain goes up. The ten year old kid from Virginia who was going to be ok and yet win the day.
  • David Scott Poepoe  I’ve seen John Carter six times, basically each weekend it was in the theaters. 2. The last movie I saw multiple times was The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988). 3. The movie always seems new each time I see it and there are scenes that are continually moving. The story is inspiring and it is just pure simple fun to watch. I feel like I’m connecting with the air of wonder that was part of my childhood again.
  • David Steel Further, because the original stories had caught my imagination so strongly I was blown away simply by SEEING the characters and situations on the big screen. When the bad press started to emerge I realised this could be my only chance to see John, Tars and Woolah on the big screen so I went as often as I could.
  • Derek Short I have seen John Carter once. I want to see it 100 times. Lol. I don’t see a movie in the theater multiple times, usually. But, this one, I would ….. and 21 Jump Street (Lol!). …. What motivates me to [want to] see it multiple times (and buy it on Blu-ray disc) is it’s pure awesomeness. I love science-fiction and action movies. Not to mention the additional humor. I love that too in all movies.
  • Jeffery Snow 6 times for me and i have to say i am a huge movie fan and John Carter is the only one i have ever went back to the theater to see. ERB is also one of the few authors i re read. for me its was just plain fun! it had a bit of everything, adventure, intrigue, romance, humor, cool gadgetry and Woola! what it didn’t have is the modern flashy – lets distract the audience from the plot by putting a bunch of gratuitous sex, violence, gore and music in.
  • Anonymous:  18 Times(Don’t use my name lol), Avatar 4 times, I’ve never experienced a movie like John Carter that made you work for you dose of entertainment in such a way it was a moving & breath-taking experience that made you want seconds.
  • David Steel Boiling it down, I love the original stories and characters. I loved the respect shown by the film makers. The film was exciting, funny and just wonderful to look at and experience. I actually find it hard to articulate how affected I was. And I ended up going ten times because this might have been my only chance to see a John Carter film in the cinema.
  • David Steel  Should have said too; Seeing scenes that I had read like John being chased by the Apache and then waking on Mars up on the big screen was mind blowing. I am so grateful to Stanton and his team for giving me those moments.
  • Jan Austin I am about to see john Carter for my 6th time. Would make it a 7th time, but unfortunately it is about to leave theaters. The last time I saw multiple movies like this in the theater was NEVER. It has been a fantastic multiple time experience and journey! John Carter was everything I wanted to see in a film. It was a pleasure and joy to experience this movie over and over again. It was a film full of adventure and romance and a film like those of yesteryear that one could get lost in on a Saturday afternoon. The cast of this film included two of my favorite actors. So I thought it was Brilliantly cast and directed! Who could not experience such wonderful, remarkable and lovable characters like Woola, Sola and Tars Tarkas, and not want to see this film multiple times! John Carter is a great experience! It is for people who enjoy being swept up into another world, and a place worth definitely returning to.

  • Wendy Van Camp  It has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a movie this much. Normally I only go to see a movie in a theater once. I’ve been to see John Carter five times and plan on buying the blu-ray when it comes out so I can add it to my collection. What drew me in was an interesting story combined with special effects that enhanced the characters and story instead of overwhelming it. The style of filmmaking that Andrew Stanton brought to the screen is something that I’d like to see more of. Stanton can tell a great story visually and his attention to detail is astounding. The movie also featured several actors that I follow such as Ciran Hinds, James Purejoy and Wilhem Defoe. If these actors are in a film, I generally go and see it in the theater. Due to John Carter, I’ve also started to see Taylor Kitsch’s previous movies and television series and will start to follow his movies as well.

  • Brad Blake  I took my wife on opening day in the afternoon with the highest of hopes and lowest of expectations after the tepid reviews, and John Carter blew me away. I’ve seen it four times total, including with my fellow SoCal fans who were kind enough to join me at the El Capitan in Hollywood, a sort of warm up to the exciting April 19th event. I think I forced my parents to take me about the same number of times to It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World when I was about 6 years old. It’s rare to have any book that you loved as a kid at long last get made into a movie, let alone something as classic as The Princess of Mars, and thus the anticipation was ongoing for the past two years since I first heard about the movie. With that much hope in a film, you naturally prepare to be disappointed, and when the negativity started even BEFORE it was in theaters, expectations were low as I sat there opening day. Of course the movie was absolutely fantastic and amazingly enjoyable on all levels. And so I’m partly motivated by being angry at Disney, the critics, and the easily duped public that stayed away in droves after this strange combination of negativity that bombarded John Carter. Since finding I was not alone at Back to Barsoom, and there were undoubtedly hundreds of thousands of people who felt the same around the world (8,000 on our single FB group), it’s been easy to find that extra motivation to take others to see it and a joy to find out that the movie gets better with each viewing. I wish I was seeing it again tonight!

  • Khanada Taylor  Seen JC 6 times. Should have gone more. I’d say Lost Boys was the last time I went to a film more than maybe 3 times. I hate when it ends! I love the feelings of being in the film or on Barsoom as many call it. I hunger for it! 🙂

  • Debby Jordan     I have seen JC 12 times – 5 IMAX, 1 in 2d, 6 in 3d. My spouse has also seen it 6 times, and we’ve paid for 12 other people to go see it with us. This is the most I’ve seen a movie at the theater since the 1960s. I did see Sherlock Holmes, both the original and the sequel, 2 times at the theater. I like John Carter because it’s great entertainment, similar to the Harryhausen Sinbad movies – great story, great effects (the fliers are fabulously done), a great hero and heroine, a great sidekick (Woola), great supporting characters (Tars and Sola), and great villians. I also like it because it was very accurate to the spirit of ERB’s Barsoom. Contrary to one review I saw, the film DOES have an environmentalist aspects, as couple of times it’s commented that Zodanga and the war between Zodanga and Helium has been environmentally detrimental to Barsoom. And Matai Shang comments that they “manage” the destruction of planets, with planets, like Barsoom, solely wasting away due to the neglect of the people who live on it. I’d say it was a great movie! It’s a shame that poor marketing and negative reviews have kept the USA audience away from this great film.
  • Prior Aelred Four times. I have never watched any other movie in the theater four times (IIRC, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen & Rob Roy & Glory are all tied at two each). I loved everything about it and the way every viewing uncovered new depths of meaning. Certain scenes brought tears to my eyes even at the fourth viewing (Dejah Thoris’s, “Yes. I am alone” is just heartbreaking and so beautifully delivered). The ending is so bittersweet — John Carter is returning to Dejah Thoris, but the movie is over. The decision of Disney not to push it is so very sad. I sincerely hope that they realize that they can actually make a profit from this movie thorough sequels. It does have a fan base and DVD sales are sure to make it grow.
  • Shari Armstrong  Twice – I’m not sure when the last time I saw a film multiple times, as I rarely even get to the movies, let alone see things twice. I’ve waited 30 years to see the movie as I loved the books as a kid. I took our two oldest kids and a friend of theirs to see the matinee, but my husband was working. I really wanted him to see it as well, as I knew he would enjoy it, too. We managed to go again with our whole family, including our almost 2 year old (she clapped in several places). The movie has everything, action, adventure, a non-sappy love story, friendships, and humor. The writing and characters were spot on. The effects didn’t feel fake like in some movies. If I had the money, I would have gone to see it again.
  • Greg Azbell I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much since seeing the original Star Wars for the first time back in ’77. I was 14 years old then. I have seen John Carter a total of 5 times. The most times I have seen a movie in it’s initial run was 4 and that was Star Wars. For fans like me who grew up with the original Star Wars Trilogy, John Carter is what the Prequel Trilogy should have been……FUN!!!!!!
  • I saw this movie four times in the theater before it left our area. Each viewing was more spectacular for me. All the little nuances made this movie more magical. This film NEEDS to be viewed several times in order to appreciate all the intricacies of the story. Stanton put so much detail into this film…John Carter will live on and become the classic that it deserves to be, despite the negativity surrounding it. To those of us who “get it”, BARSOOM…..
  • Rebecca Baeder-Garland    How many times have you seen John Carter? 5, Thursday will be 6 (one IMAX 3D, one 2D, the rest 3D). When is the last time you saw a movie multiple times like this? Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl, only 3 times, and Annie when I was a kid, 5 times. What is it about John Carter that motivates you to keep seeing it? (he first time I saw it, it was the ending. I thought the ending was so awesome that I just had to see it again, but I had to wait 2 months because I saw it at a pre-screening. The second reason was the books. During that two month wait I read the books (first 3) and got even more excited to see the movie again. But I think the biggest reason of all is the fans. The fan energy is electric. Prior to release everyone was so excited on message boards, etc and it became a mission to defend the film and get people excited about seeing it. It’s a common cause that energizes and excites. Although the film is great on it own, It’s really the fans that make the movie incredible.
  • Peter Hawke Have seen JC 7 times. Previously saw INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE multiple times. I kept going back cuz I fell in love with Lynn Collins. It was a great film – – – the kind Hollywood used to make in the distant past. Disney has no clue what a great property they have. They MUST do a trilogy!!!
  • Bobby Gore Let’s see I will make it simple. Saw Star Wars 3 times in 77. And now JC 6 times. Will be 7 times on Wednesday . So you see Disney , you have something good here . Don’t Give up on JC.
  • Kathy Lucero How many times have I seen John Carter?…Twice…the first time was wonderful….the 2nd time, in 3D, was magical…Disney, I believe really captured the magic of John least, they did, for me….Only other movie I have gone to see more than once, at the theatre, was E.T….There are still so many wonderful ideas, concepts, inventions, situations, cultures, to explore in the Mars Series…ERB was so far ahead of his time…We need to pay homage to this wonderful author…by making the whole world aware of his genius…That is why we need sequels…..
  • Michael Woods  I’ve seen it 3 times, twice in 2D and once in 3D. If I see a movie more than once, I really do like it. Like it enough to catch the background material, costuming, bits of dialogue missed, and just the plain enjoyment of seeing a movie like John Carter on the big screen. It’s also useful to measure movie critics. If I can name-drop, Peter Travers at Rolling Stone continues to impress, but Movie Critic God Roger Ebert, what the heck is wrong with you, my boy?? The last movies I’ve seen more than once are Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars, and the LOTR series. John Carter is the ultimate sci-fi fantasy trip. Who wouldn’t want to go there and follow those great adventures given to us by ERB and those other great writers of his era? Apparently, clueless critics.
  • Bob Woody I saw John Carter only two times unfortunately because of my hectic schedule. We had actually planned a three hour trip to see it at an IMAX theater and planned a whole weekend around the movie before my work killed our plans. The last time I was this captivated by a movie was when the original Star Wars came out when I was a kid. The thing about John Carter is that it is what a movie was meant to be. Going to a movie is suposed to be an escape from our everyday lives, a chance to give in to wonder and amazement and to be captivated. John Carter pulled me back to the times when I was a kid, before I became jaded, and still believed in the impossible and improbable. For the first time that I can remember, I was able to forget about the real world for a few hours and let my mind totally be absorbed into something without distraction. For once, I truly felt that I had gone on an amazing voyage that I could only have dreamed of. The second time I saw it, it was just more of the same amazement and wonder, and even though I knew what to expect in the movie itself, I found my self still transported again, without a care in the world only wanting to do it again and again.
  • Jeff Doten I’ve seen JOHN CARTER three times in the theater now. It would’ve been more if I was able to. Every time that I’ve watched it I was immensely emotionally involved in the film. I pretty much sat there with my mouth wide-open, drying out my tonsils as I gaped at the screen. I thrilled to meet my beloved literary friends on screen for the first time and found this new telling of their story to be almost as if I was being told the ‘the real story’ for the first time. Many years ago I returned again and again to see Star Wars in the summer of 1977. After my very first viewing I said ” that was great – now give me JOHN CARTER !” Now that JOHN CARTER is here I will be viewing it again and again and again at long last . – Jeff Doten
  • Greg Azbell I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much since seeing the original Star Wars for the first time back in ’77. I was 14 years old then. I have seen John Carter a total of 5 times. The most times I had seen a movie in it’s initial run was 4 and that was Star Wars. For fans like me who grew up with the original Star Wars Trilogy, John Carter is what the Prequel Trilogy should have been……FUN!!!!!!
  •  Yannick Decorte I’ve seen the film twice and will go a third time with friends at the dollar theater.
    I don’t think I’ve ever gone to see a movie in theaters multiple times by myself. What drives me to see it several times is because it’s a movie you fall in love with and it’s a great big screen experience. I’ve seen movies on DVD that I regretted not experiencing in theaters and with John Carter I wanted to make sure to see it more than once. It’s just a beautiful movie and a good lesson in filmmaking and screenwriting.
  •  Bryan E Bustard I’ve seen it 9 times and I haven’t seen a movie like this multiple times since Star Wars in 1977 when I was a senior in high school.  Its great to be able to have a movie to watch at home on DVD but movies are still made to be seen on a big screen. The idea isn’t original with me, but when you watch something on a small screen, everything is within your easy frame of vision — a passive experience. When you watch a movie on the big screen, your eyes are actively following the action on the screen and its a totally immersive experience.  And John Carter has a story and an epic scope worthy of becoming completely immersed in. I found the John Carter movie to be one that never seems to get old and each time I see it, it is like I’m seeing it fresh again for the first time even though I practically know much of the dialog by heart. I still laugh at the humorous moments and I still get sentimental, fall in love, and cry over the romantic scenes and my heart still races during the action sequences. I keep thinking “Shouldn’t I be a little tired of this by now?” and the answer is always “Well, maybe … but this movie has defied all my expectations from the beginning and I can hardly wait to see what happens to the characters and story next.” I hope Disney will not disappoint and we will get our sequels.
  •  Brian Fasick I have seen it three times (so far), and am eagarly awaiting its return to the local bargain theatre. JOHN CARTER has been the most fun and satisfying movie experience I have had so far this year, and possibly the best movie I have had the pleasure of seeing since Peter Jackson’s THE RETURN OF THE KING (7 theatre viewings) in 2003. I first read two of Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian novels at age 12, and JOHN CARTER has everything I wanted to see – a noble-hearted hero; a determined princess who is as courageous and brilliant as she is beautiful; fierce and lovably loyal Woola; a glorious spectacle of aliens and airships, monsters and Mars-scapes. Burrough’s Barsoom brought to glorious life! The story is a wondrous mix of adventure, action, humor, drama, and romance that grabs ahold of you in the first minutes and doesn’t let go until the credits roll. Epic battles, agonizing tragedy, and monstrous perils are juxtaposed with light and whimsical humor and tender emotion, with such a richness in detail that you can’t possibly take it all in during a single viewing. Each time I saw this movie I would notice new things I had missed earlier, and I have yet to become bored in seeing it again and again.
  •  Jeff Carlisle I have seen John Carter six times in first-run theaters, and plan on seeing it more when it hits second-run dollar theaters. When is the last time you saw a movie multiple times like this?
    I haven’t seen a movie this many times in years–the only films I have seen more than John Carter in the theater were Jurassic Park back in ’93 (eight times) and the original Star Wars back in the seventies (nine times). I did see Star Wars Episode I five times back in 1999…but I got better. I love this movie. I haven’t seen a film that taps into that magical combination of Un-Ironic Swashbuckling Adventure, Action and Romance since the Fantasy films of my youth–films that were just good old-fashioned FUN like Krull, Willow, The BeastMaster, The Last Starfighter, The films of Ray Harryhausen…and the original Star Wars, of course. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would not only NOT like this film–but would take great pleasure in it’s apparent failure…when it’s really not a failure at all. I work as a professional illustrator and one who focuses on Science Fiction and Fantasy–in short, a paid dreamer who tries to keep in touch with those child-like inspirations that will hopefully inspire others. And this film inspires me. And like the Child-Like Glutton that I am, I want MORE. I want to see what Stanton and his crew would do NEXT with these characters—characters that were the inspiration for all of the great fantasy stories of the last 100 years, and hopefully through this film and the passion of it’s fans will inspire 100 more years of epic fantasy. And Lastly–I love this film, and will see it again…because it is Good. And so much of what is pre-packaged and sold to audiences just ISN’T anymore–it’s all about Branding, about Marketing–and this film just is what it is–and is what this type of story should be: A good story, well told.
  •  Carl Cranney Saw it three times because my inner child was going wild. I kid you not, for the next few days I had random fantasies about being able to jump great distances. The last time I saw a movie this many times was one of the Star Wars prequels, and that was mostly because opportunities kept cropping up to go to the dollar theaters in Provo, UT to see it again (it was not worth full price, but it was worth $1). But I saw John Carter in IMAX 3D each time.
  • Rick Barry Let’s just say that I’ve seen “John Carter” more times than I’d care to admit. Last time this happened? In 1961, “The Parent Trap” — had a Hayley Mills crush. Unlike most in this group, I’m new to Edgar Rice Burroughs. I first read A PRINCESS OF MARS 18 months ago, and then proceeded to read four more of his books in a row; couldn’t believe how much fun they were. As one reviewer of the film said, they made me feel young again; and I couldn’t put them down. But why see the film over and over? First because it was fun, but with multiple viewings I began to appreciate the loving care and attention to detail with which the director and screenwriters had imbued it. Some have carelessly called the performances “wooden,” but the reality is just the opposite. These are first-rate actors giving outstanding performances, which I think is the only way the film can stand up so well to so many viewings from so many fans. And as others have frequently noted, “John Carter” is a great romantic adventure with all the heart in the world. I can’t adequately express my appreciation to Andrew Stanton and his entire crew for this great gift.
  • Mike Carlock Five times: first time I saw it was the midnight opening in IMAX 3-D, then two more each with 2-D and 3-D. Likely to see it at least JC more time. (The last movie I saw multiple times was Captain America – I may have seen it three times.) Haven’t seen a movie this many times since I was a kid (the original Star Wars). I probably saw it sixteen times over that summer (you could hang out all day back then in small-town movie theaters and they didn’t chase you out).   What keeps me going is the same feeling that the original Star Wars gave me – an alien world that feels real populated with interesting people and creatures, causes and princesses to fight for, worlds to save and a sense of adventure, wonder and awe.  Most movies these days are good with the shock and awe, not so much with the wonder and awe. John Carter is definitely wonder and awe.
  • Daria Brooks  I’ve now seen “John Carter” thirteen times, more than any other hero film. (I’ve only seen “Tommy” and “The Last Waltz” more). “JC” is that once-per-decade sweeping epic which features both beautiful cinematography and a cast well-adept at communicating the emotions of the characters they portray. This is a film which garners loyalty because it respects the intellect of its audience. The final five minutes of the film which convey John Carter’s desperate passion to return to his far-away soul mate in the heavens makes the entire film more than worthwhile. I look forward to traveling to Barsoom with Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins again…and again!
  • Jake Poirot John Carter reminded me of why I originally fell in love with movies in the first place- something Hollywood hasn’t been able to do in a very long time. It boasts the kind of timeless magic that all the best genre classics possess- from Star Wars to Raiders of the Lost Ark to The Adventures of Robin Hood.
  • Madeline Gann I’ve seen “John Carter” 14 times because it’s a visually stunning, well-acted film whose story deeply resonates with me. I’m a cause-oriented person who roots for the underdog, so I was moved to see Carter lose everything and then go on an amazing journey on which he found a new cause and new reason to live: Princess Dejah. She is smart, strong, and selfless – the perfect complement to John Carter. I was utterly enchanted by the film and compelled to support it throughout its theatrical run.  I’ve only seen three other films at least as many times: “The Kids Are Alright” (The Who, 1979), “Tommy,” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” “John Carter” is obviously not the same kind of film that those are, which is part of the reason I’m so captivated by it.
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  • I never saw a movie more than twice in a theater, even if I loved it dearly. The first time I did this was for Tim Burton’s Batman, fond memory.

    I saw John Carter only once in a theater, simply because I couldn’t afford more. If I was still single, I would probably have seen it more with different friends, but life offered me a wife and a little boy in 2009, meaning my theater times were put on hold for a while. Before John Carter, I haven’t been in a theater for three years, and probably won’t go again in a near future, not even for Avengers or Prometheus.

    All this to say that I saw John Carter only once, but it was a one time that meant a lot to me. I wasn’t thrilled as some were at first impression, too many lost opportunities from the book and too awkward a pacing. But the movie grew on me, like only the best movies can. Now, I’m in love with what Andrew Stanton accomplished. What he did good, he did not only good, but exceptionally well. He’s a master with characters and actors, if not in plot and pacing yet. And that’s ultimately what counts the most.

  • That’s awesome Frank — thanks so much for making that happen. We’re getting news from all the cities and it’s just really great to know how everyone pulled together on this.

  • About 20 people attended the 7:30P screening of ‘John Carter’ at the Loew’s 19 just north of Union Square Park. The attendees included at least 5 first timers.

  • I”m hopefully going to see the film for a 4th time tomorrow with a friend who hasn’t seen it yet. Wish I had the time and money to go to El Capitan theater but I’ll be with you guys in spirit! Hope you guys have an awesome time! Keep the fire alive! At this point regardless of what happens next, I believe we WILL return to Barsoom!

  • I just found out today that there is a fan movement building for John Carter and I think that is fantastic, it is even more awesome that everyone is going to show up for the final screening at Hollywood’s El Capitan; even people from Edgar Rice Burroughs Family. If I wasn’t up here in Canada I would attend the final show as well. I read the book “A Princess Of Mars” when I was 18 and now I am 46 and love the martian tales of the Great Edgar Rice Burroughs, so far I have watched John Carter twice at IMAX 3D and 2D with moving seats and it was awesome in both formats, but in conjunction with the Hollywood final screening I am going to see it in regular 3D on April 19th to be with the fans and show my support here in Canada. I have been so angry with the bad press that JC has been given it feels good to know that I am not alone. Way to go people lets keep the John Carter movement growing and hopefully we all can go back to Barrsoom. Now I am going to pre order the Blu-Ray.

  • Excellent article! I will be seeing John Carter for my 6th time and can’t wait! A wonderful film, a wonderful cast, and such a very warmhearted film that I will miss so very much when it leaves the theaters. Please bring back Woola, Sola, and Tars Tarkas! I am looking so forward to the event on Thursday night! I WANT TO GO BACK TO BARSOOM!!

  • Will be an amazing event, wish I could be there. Someone will be there using a ticket I bought and I hope they have the ride of their life! As I did when I saw it for my first time.

  • The El Capitan on the 19th will be my 4th – I’ve been waiting for this film ever since I was a teen.

  • I saw this movie four times in the theater before it left our area. Each viewing was more spectacular for me. All the little nuances made this movie more magical. This film NEEDS to be viewed several times in order to appreciate all the intricacies of the story. Stanton put so much detail into this film…John Carter will live on and become the classic that it deserves to be, despite the negativity surrounding it. To those of us who “get it”, BARSOOM…..

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