“Last Trip to Barsoom” — A Night to Remember at El Capitan, Hollywood

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“Last Trip to Barsoom” night at El Capitan in Hollywood was everything members of the Facebook John Carter Sequel Group were hoping it would be — and more–a heartfelt bon voyage to John Carter and a chance for fans to share a last theatrical viewing at Disney’s flagship theater.   Helped by tweets from Andrew Stanton and Michael Giacchino, the evening  was further boosted when Daryl Sabara, who plays Edgar Rice Burroughs in the movie, decided to come and enjoy the film with fans.  And  — to keep the ERB theme going — Jim Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and senior ERB Inc officials also joined the event and hung out with Sabara and fans afterwards.  Also in the mix were Evelyn Dubuc — the now highly fan-loved “Council Member Number 4” — and Erik Jessen, one of the film’s editors and a member of the Facebook group.

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Special thanks to group members Rebecca Baeder Garland for her banner and ticketing support, Jan Austin for flyers; Jack Scanlan for publicity;  Daria Brooks for coming up with the idea in the first place,  and a big shout-out to James Woods and the management of El Capitan for the raffle prizes that included five VERY much appreciated posters signed but he cast and crew of John Carter.  But really — just a big thanks to everybody who turned out (official count 192, for the record) — an amazing and one of a kind closing night event.

Here are photos — tomorrow we’ll have our video from the event:



  • I’m happy you guys had such an awesome time! wish I was able to attend. Let’s hope that John Carter’s adventures in Barsoom does not end here but is only the beginning!

  • A truly magical night…JOHN CARTER….is part of all of us who “get” it..

  • 192 in LA, 20 in NYC. How many in each of the other sites around the world?
    Not to bad for ‘last night’

  • I really wish i could’ve been there but my private jet was defect and the pilot was drunk!(lol)
    Because from Germany it’s along way.:)
    Great to see you had a great night and a lot of fun.
    Harry David

  • Thank you so much for posting. I couldn’t make it but offered my support via the banner (Thank you Rebecca!). Looking forward to the vid.

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