Last Trip to Barsoom: Join us for closing night of the John Carter run at El Capitan in Hollywood

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Some members of the Facebook Group: “Take me back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel!” have decided that there is no place else they want to be next Thursday night, April 19, other than at the El Capitan in Hollywood to see the last theatrical showing of John Carter at Disney’s Flagship theater.  We will be announcing more about this in coming days and weeks but here is our fantasy — that for the last show of the film, we bring in a crowd big enough to make a statement.  Plus, quite honestly, this has been something of an emotional ride on many levels — so why not see John Carter off in style with others who either waited half a lifetime for this — or , alternatively, discovered Barsoom for the first time thanks to this film?  One thing for sure — it’ll be a great group of people who show up, big or small, and it will be a meaningful moment.

So…..will you pledge your metal to ours and get down there with us for one last trip to Barsoom?

When: April 19, 2012, 7PM

Where: El Capitan Theater, 6830 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Join us!


  • Ryan are you in the Facebook Group? — People there are organizing groups in different places. Pls join and check it out…….

  • you all are amazing. anyone who wants to go see this movie this weekend in titusville or viera florida make comment

  • I was already planning to be there with my family. I have seen it 13 times 4 times at El Capitan. See you all there. We will be in the Disney diner before the movie

  • I am almost crazy enough to do this. I have only seen it 4 times and envy the people who have seen it 11

  • That sounds great! Unfortunately I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic, and my Thern medallion doesn’t seem to work… 🙂

    Hope the party will be great!

  • Hopefully I can see it one more time at a theater near my area that’s still playing it. Oh and with a friend that has yet to see it….

  • ARGHH!!! I wish I lived in near the area so I could go with you guys! Here’s hoping it’s a full house! No matter what happens, WE STILL LIVE!!!

  • Here we go again. I’ve seen in 5 times. El Capitan will be #6. I’m with you Michael.

  • I may live across the country(Depew,NY)…but I will be with you all in spirit…I am planning on another viewing. BARSOOM…….

  • An important message to all John Carter fans: this might be the last weekend for this movie in the theaters! If you’ve already seen it 3 times, the fourth viewing is much better. And believe me, the fifth is even better than the fourth!

    Let’s not give up this fight — especially while our captivating Barsoom is still being shown on the big screen.

    Come on, everybody — wherever you are — let’s all go to one last viewing! Let’s make a statement — together!

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