Taylor Kitsch Cites John Carter Facebook Group: “Pay attention to the fans!”

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From Coventry Telegraph

DRAMATICALLY disowned by Disney as a $200million loss-making misfire – which would make it the biggest dud in box office history – the sci-fi action film has now earned $255million worldwide.

At the time Disney announced the loss it was expecting, the box office was around $180million, indicating that the studio needed $380million. This was likely made up of a $280million production budget plus $100million on marketing.

By those figures, it still hasn’t made its budget back (though it’s worth adding that Box Office Mojo reports a more favourable budget of $250million and The Numbers states an even worse $300million).

But what do the film’s stars say? Taylor Kitsch, who played the lead, was asked about John Carter’s performance as he did the press interviews for his next film Battleship.

He said: “If you are going to pay attention to the materialistic part of it, you also need to pay attention to the fans. For them to have these Facebook pages and rally to get another one going, it’s quite flattering.”

The 30-year-old added: “I don’t see it as a failure, that’s the thing. I’m incredibly proud of it and I would do it all over again.


  • ya he escrito pero deseo ver a john carter 2 y que gane los people awards 2013 como mejor pelicula y mejor super heroe

  • queremos ver la segunda parte de john carter un gran pelicula que te atrapa de principio a final sumamente interesante con unas escenas en 3D espectaculares
    me encanta que el sobrino sa quien escribi el libro. A las criticas de taquilla sin importancia taylor kitsch es la revelacion hizo un trabajo excelente en john carter, a demas fue record de ventas el DVD al salir a la venta, me encanto woola la relacion con carter que le hizo bajar la guardia y mostro su lado dulce.
    vamos por la segunda parte volvamos a estar en barsoom con taylor kitsch como john carter

  • Recently when asked about JC being a flop, Taylor said if he was homeless and someone told him he would act in a $300 mill movie, he would be thrilled.

    I mean — seriously — how many Hollywood actors actually judge their success by using comparisons to them being homeless?!!!

    That was so great! This guy has got his priorities set really right.

  • I think Taylor Kitsch is my new favorite actor! I can’t help but admire his integrity, what a stand up guy, hope he keeps giving the press what-fore the same he gave it to the Warhoons as JC 😉 I’m def taking all my friends to Battleship and Savages!

  • My bad, Julian Perez! Thanks Abraham Sherman for the clarification, that makes much more sense this way. 🙂

  • I never had any doubt that Taylor Kitsch IS John Carter from Mars. So, please, send him back to Barsoom and everybody will see that he definitely got the balls for the job.

  • pascalahad, I believe that Curtis was referring to Julian’s mention of Battlefield: Earth, not to Battleship. Curtis is right that the excellent quality of John Carter means that it deserves to be compared only with the very best sci-fi films.

  • The man sounds like he has a moral backbone and is loyal to his coworkers. Glad he got the part of John Carter!

  • Battleship is that bad?

    Please note that I was not comparing the two movies at all.

  • Please don’t use John Carter and that other movie in the same sentence . John Carter should be compared to Star Wars and Avatar more than that other crap .

  • Well, perhaps Paramount will change its mind about the property! I don’t see any future for Barsoom at Disney. I hope they do the Narnia thing and switch studios for the follow-up.

    Hey, I hope Taylor Kitsch will put a John Carter reference in each and every interview he will be doing regarding Battleship and Savages!!

    “John Carter: the movie that didn’t want to die”

  • I am very pleased to see the pride with which Taylor Kitsch views John Carter, which I think puts this film into a different category than say, Battlefield: Earth. The screenwriter, director, as well as Barry Pepper and Forrest Whittaker, all disavowed Battlefield: Earth.

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