The John Carter “Back to Barsoom” sequel group now has 6,500 members and a public website

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The John Carter “Take Me Back To Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel!” group on Facebook has now grown to 6,500 members in just under 3 weeks.  The group has also put up a public website called “” which they are using to help get their message out.  The website includes a “Fan Creation” section that includes art, trailers. videos, and commentary by members of the group and their allies.   If you are following the John Carter saga and would like to see a sequel, please join the group on Facebook — just log in to Facebook and type “Barsoom” in the search bar and the group will come right up.  If you have any questions you can send an email to


  • This film is so very underrated as it was judged on its overall budget and not reviews….doomed from the start. Another studio should take a shot at a sequel so that John Carter can live again in the kids in all of us!

  • They’re going to need a new studio. If Disney’s attached I may just have to give it pass. That’s not me being reactionary. That’s me not wanting to support a studio that dumps on its creative talent, repeatedly.

  • I really do hope john carter not only makes a sequel but a series!!!!….ive seen it 5 times already i was left speechless after the first time……..if we stick together we will see a sequel for sure

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