Unclaimed Barsoomian Art — Can you help determine who the artist is?

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If you haven’t visited The Art of Barsoom, give it a look. The artists whose work is collected on the site include a very long list which I’ve attached at the end of this post. Check it out — very nice, and lots to explore. But the reason for the post is this link: Who is the Artist?. There are 33 pieces of art that aren’t identified — and I’m sure some of those who come here can identify some of them. Here are a few samples:

So — check out the link and see if you can identify any of them.

And here is the list of artists whose work is included on the site:

Aaron Lopresti
Aaron Miller
Adam Hughes
Adam Moore
Al Williamson
Ale Garza
Alex Niño
Alex Ross
Andrew Martin
Andy Kuhn
Art Adams
Bill Presing
Bo Hampton
Bob Layton
Bob McLeod
Boris Vallejo
Bret Blevins
Brett Barkley
Bruce Pennington
Bruce Ross
Bruce Timm
Burne Hogarth
C. Bradford Gorby
Carlos Valenzuela
Chris Samnee
Christopher Moeller
Clyde Caldwell
Dan Parsons
Daniel Heard
Danny Frolich
Dave Hoover
David Brunell-Brutman
David Burton
David Soderquist
Don Marquez
Donald Grant
Edward Mortelmans
Elshad Kasumov
Eric Powell
Ernie Chan
Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner
F. Newton Burcham
F.X. Blisard
Francesco Francavilla
Frank Cho
Frank E. Schoonover
Frank Frazetta
Frank Hoban
Frank R. Paul
François Miville-Deschênes
Gay Galsworthy
Gene Gonzales
George Barr
George Sellas
George Wildschut
Gil Kane
Gino D’Achille
Harry Habblitz
Harry Roland
Irwin Meyers
J. Allen St. John
J. Scott Campbell
James E. McConnell
James Ratcliffe
James Spratt
Jason Chalker
Jason King
Jayne Weber
Jeff Jones
Jerry Carr
Jim Lee
Jim Ringuet
JJ Conway
Joe Jusko
Joe Petagno
John Coleman Burroughs
Jonathan Moore
Josh Kirby
Julie Bell
Jun Lofamia
Karl Comendador
Keizo Iwabuchi
Ken Kelly
Kerry Gammill
Kim DeMulder
Kurt Metz
Larry Ivie
Loston Wallace
Lucio Parrillo
Lui Antonio
M.W. Kaluta
Mahlon Blaine
Manolo Prieto
Mark Andrews
Mark Schultz
Michael Golden
Michael Whelan
Mike Grell
Mike Hawthorne
Mike Hoffman
Miles Teves
Minck Oosterveer
Mitch Breitweiser
Mitch Gerads
Motoichiro Takebe
Neal MacDonald
Osamu Tsukasa
P. J. Monahan
Patrick Berkenkotter
Paul Renaud
Phil Saunders
Philippe Druillet
Rafael Kayanan
Randy Mohr
Reed Crandall
Rich Larson
Richard Clifton-Dey
Richard Corben
Robert Abbett
Robert Forest
Roberto Von Behr
Ron de Laat
Ron Salas
Roy Carnon
Roy Krenkel
Rudolph Belarski
Rudy Nebres
Russ Manning
Ryan Church
Sam Grainger
Samuel Thompson
Sandy Plunkett
Sean Chen
Sean Marooney
Shane Glines
Shinji Yamamoto Takashi
Shuji Yanagi
Stephen Sadowski
Steve Townsley
Steven Butler
Ted McKeever
Terry Moore
Terry Twigg
Thomas Denmark
Thomas Yeates
Tim Conrad
Tom Fowler
Tom Grindberg
Vaclav Cutta
Veres László
Wellington Alves
Will Meugniot
William Stout
z DeviantArt – ceramicus
z DeviantArt – comicgeek86
z DeviantArt – degefors
z DeviantArt – deskridge
z DeviantArt – dragonpyper
z DeviantArt – Glee-chan
z DeviantArt – Jazon19
Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai


  • You are welcome. I have enjoyed his articles on the art in “The Burroughs Bulletin” and he came to mind.

  • Michael: Have you contacted Bob Zeuschner? He seems to be an authority to consult on this quest?

    Not yet. That’s a good idea. I’ll send him the link. TY

  • Michael: Have you contacted Bob Zeuschner? He seems to be an authority to consult on this quest?

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