John Carter is #1 on Pirate Download Charts (not kidding) week of May 14-20, “winning” over Avengers, 20 Jump Street, and others

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So it turns out that an outfit called “Torrent Freak” keeps track of illegal downloads and provides a week report, not unlike the reports the Box Office Mojo provides on legit box office. Here’s an article that confirms what we suspected, based on the flood of new members to the John Carter Back to Barsoom Facebook Sequel group; the download for John Carter has hit the web and it’s doing …er …. great. We obviously are more interested in seeing legitimate downloads and purchases of the DVD and Blu-ray, but this is newsworthy so we’re reporting it.

Celebrity Cafe: The most pirated Movie is “John Carter”

Robert Kirchgassner

a box office flop finds new life

While it is not exactly unusual for a box office failure to find an audience after its run in theaters (such as 1982’s Blade Runner), Disney’s box office bust John Carter was named the most pirated movie online last week.

The news was announced by For the past two weeks, John Carter has beaten out films such as 21 Jump Street and even the mega hit The Avengers in terms of the number of times it has been illegally downloaded. The Avengers is currently in third place on the most-pirated list, while Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is in second place.

Disney, which produced both John Carter and The Avengers, announced that The Avengers would be available to rent or purchase in stores on Sept. 25.

John Carter, which had a budget of $250 million, has been called Disney’s biggest flop, costing the studio over $200 million. Its box office failure in April led to the resignation of studio chief Rich Ross.

Ross had been chief for less than three years and had great success in Disney’s television division by spearheading successful series as Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

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  • I seen it in IMAX…
    I have the Blu-ray 3D, DVD on preorder at Amazon…
    I downloaded the 1080p (arh)

  • I have noticed an increase in new members on IMDb, too. Some have posted that they just watched the film or turned it off when it was only half through. When questioned how they could do that when the dvd wasn’t out yet, they would hem and haw and say oh there are ways. I guess we know what they mean. I’ve been sorely tempted here lately but I’m still holding out till June 5th. June 11th is my birthday and it’s my birthday present.

  • Love the huge surge in new fans and I really do hope that most if not all of them will buy the DVD/BluRays when they come out! I believe true fans will buy them. Like me, they’re going to want the extras and just to own it. And I’m not at all surprised by this, actually. John Carter was the top pre-order DVD on Amazon that first week or so. Curiosity will finally get John Carter the attention it deserves and the loads of fans it should have! YAY! Just as long as it leads to John Carter 2, the sequel MUST happen!! 😀

  • Hoping it’s a case of people who missed it in the cinemas only now just discovering the movie thanks to positive word of mouth and downloading as a ‘try before you buy’ thing. If they like it, they’ll hopefully buy the DVD/bluray.

  • I’m happy for the movie (even if the honor is somewhat dubious), and at the same time confused but the fact that such a list even exists!

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