Reviewer Upgrades His John Carter Review on Second Viewing

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Having found more to like about John Carter on subsequent viewings myself, I’ve been wondering if any reviewers might offer an addendum or revision to their original reviews after viewing the film a second time for the blu-ray release.  This is the first one I’ve seen that upgrades — would sure love to see Roger Ebert or some of the other top-level reviewers give it a second chance on Blu-ray and write about their impressions on a second viewing.  

Luke Hickman’s Review in High Def Digest (Excerpts)

When I reviewed the theatrical release of ‘John Carter’ on ‘The Bonus View,’ I gave it 3.5 stars. I noticed its faults, but couldn’t help but love it for the fun story and characters. The only time I saw ‘John Carter’ was at that one press screening, so diving into the Blu-ray was my first repeat viewing. Truthfully, as much as I liked it the first time, I enjoyed it even more the second – so much so that I bumped my rating of the movie up from three and a half stars stars to four. I still find it to be one of the most thoroughly fun adventure flicks in a very long time.


John Carter’ isn’t the best adventure movie out there, but it’s definitely much better than the bad wrap it has gotten. It doesn’t help that the trailers and television spots did it no favors, making it look like a blend of the standard run-of-the-mill epic movie and ‘Star Wars’ – but with it being available on home video, it’s time for people to see it and make up their minds for themselves. I can only hope that it will live long and prosper so Disney will move forward with their plans to make it into a trilogy. The Blu-ray itself features decent video and very strong audio qualities. If you, like me, walk away loving the movie, then you’ll be satisfied with the included special features. I’m just as happy and pleased with the Blu-ray as I am with the movie itself. I can only hope that those who prematurely wrote it off will finally give it chance.

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