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Long-suffering John Carter fans are being treated to their first actual “win” in the media by a grand total of two articles (so far) acknowledging that John Carter was the top selling home video disk last week in its first week of release, finishing ahead of Safe House, Act of Valor, and Journey 2.  In terms of unit sales, (the only thing being reported thus far) , John Carter’s lead is fairly narrow; however when it becomes a dollar total it seems the lead may be stronger, since a high percentage of John Carter was sold as multi-disk sets.

Anyway …. enthusiasts,  enjoy!  Contrarians, by all means be contrary!

Home Media Magazine: John Carter Rise to top of disk sales

The post-Memorial Day onslaught of high-powered theatricals is officially underway, with the top five spots on the national home video sales charts for the week ended June 10 all going to new releases.

Walt Disney Studios’ John Carter snagged the top spot on both the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart, which tracks overall disc sales, and Nielsen’s dedicated Blu-ray Disc sales chart.

Fox’s Act of Valor finished a close second on both charts, while Universal Studios’ Safe House debuted at No. 3, also on both charts.

The two top sellers earned similar box office revenue — John Carter grossed $72.9 million in U.S. theaters, while Act of Valor grossed $70 million — and both are geared toward the post-Memorial Day action crowd, as is Safe House, starring Denzel Washington, which earned $126.2 million.

All three titles finished within 4% of each other in terms of unit sales, according to Nielsen data.

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  • Steve,
    Those are DVD only — Blu-ray not included. The By the Numbers Blu-ray Chart is still showing week ending June 3 (JC came out June 5). The Blu-ray sales are where JC supposedly (according to Nielsen) had a big enough lead to win the week overall vs Act of Valor and Safe House. According to the disk percentages released by Nielson, JC’s disk sales were 60% Blu-ray, and of course Blu-ray sells for more per unit ….. so JC Blu-ray could be around $20m — thus 30m overall for the first week. That would make sense. So …. we’ll see. http://thejohncarterfiles.com/2012/06/by-the-numbers-john-carter-week-1-dvd-and-blu-ray-sales-figures-released/

  • Great Movie!

    We have actually started reading the books, because we loved the movie! Why did Disney sabotage its own movie, by announcing this film as a bomb, when it has actually grossed circa $325, 000, 000.00 worldwide? It would have done at least $500,000,000.00 had it not been labeled a “bomb” by Disney. The critics were strangely shrill and mean spirited on this film as well. The ERB universe deserves better treatment, and certainly a sequel. Many, many interesting plot lines, and great, enjoyable acting and special effects. We will happily buy and pay for the next movie in the series.

    Ready to buy more,

    J and P.

  • can’t wait til we get the official number of how many units were sold in the first week.

  • is there any information on exactly HOW MUCH the film is making on DVD?

  • I work at Best Buy, and I’ve seen A LOT of people buying just one copy for themselves. Most of whom I chatted with did not seem like “fanatic” fans but regular people whom have recently shown interest in the film. Call me optimistic, but I think there’s some hope for the movie.

  • Steve Davidson wrote:

    I predict a major fall off in sales now that all of the fanatics who promised to buy “half a dozen copies myself!” have shot their wad.

    I think it will have some legs. I don’t think there were enough “fanatics” buying multiple disks to really affect things. There were enough sold out locations to suggest there is some unfilled demand. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

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