Official French Poster for John Carter buries the Disney logo and gives a very different feel

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The French poster for John Carter  that we’ve all seen previously is this one, which to me feels “very Disney” indeed. I remember when I first saw this I though, hmmm….John Carter a warm and fuzzy road movie?  At least there were not white apes in it.

But now Daria Brooks from the John Carter Sequel Facebook Group found a new (to us) official French poster which she came across at ComicCon, and which I subsequently tracked down online.  Very different feel, huh?  And oh…..quick, find the Disney logo.  It’s there, just not shouting at you like in all the other posters.

Anyone else struck by how radically different (and yet oh-so-obviously-an-improvement) this one is — and also how much it is similar to some of the fan posters that were made? A big percentage of the fan posters had Dejah Thoris in the particularly pose on the cover, and rightly so. In truth, there were probably three or four fan posters using this approach that were better than this, but still it’s a radical departure among the official posters seen elsewhere.

But what is really strange is how these two posters reflect the same movie. Just very bizarre.

UPDATE: Khanada Taylor, also from the Facebook Group, just came up with this unusual image, not seen before, from the French Press kit for John Carter.


  • Oropher

    I’m sorry but this isn’t an official french poster, it’s just a fan poster, my fan poster^^. Thank you for your comments anyway, it’s very nice.

    Thanks for the clarification. Can I say — not surprised. Now I’m trying to remember where I originally saw it, because on the site where I found it, it was presented as official. Love the work … make it seem simple.

  • I’m sorry but this isn’t an official french poster, it’s just a fan poster, my fan poster^^. Thank you for your comments anyway, it’s very nice. 🙂

  • What I like about the first poster is that it promises some exoticism not featured in the movie, like this huge moon behind the characters, and the magnificent sunset sky. We’re transported somewhere else, we’re not on earth anymore.

  • I rather like the unique French poster — much more interesting than the official stuff Disney put out in the States.

    I dislike the top poster — it’s pretty terrible. All it really says about the movie is “Look! People riding space cows!” Nothing about the first poster is engaging, I don’t know if you could try to pick a more uninteresting image to use in a poster.

  • I’m french and I’ve never seen that poster! I wonder where it was posted.

    Anyway it’s not for the dvd release, not an ad on tv, no poster, it was released the 11th of july with no publicity whatsoever. It was aired on the screens in the store, and I heard some people wonder if it was Avatar… The cashier said to me that buying John Carter was a waste of money, and if I REALLY didn’t want to buy Avatar instead. That day was surreal…

  • Very nice. The Disney PR groups in other countries did so much better work than the Hollywood bunch.

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