John Carter Sequel? – Indiewire writes about fans collecting signatures at ComicCon: “You’ve got to admire their spirit……”

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Kevin Jaegernauth, writing in IndieWire, has tipped his hat (sort of) to John Carter Sequel Fans from the John Carter Facebook Group who have a booth at ComicCon and are “getting organized”.   He writes:

Well, you gotta admire their spirit. Conveniently ignoring that Disney themselves have written off Andrew Stanton‘s “John Carter” as a $200 million mistake, fans on various corners of the internet continue to stump for a sequel to the movie. And this campaign is getting organized. There’s an official Back To Barsoom website, an online petition aimed at crossing the desk of Disney honcho Alan Horn, and believe it or not, these folks have shelled out some cash to back up their word, with a presence at Comic-Con to keep collecting names from folks who want to see the formerly developing “John Carter: The God Of Mars.”

“There is a booth at ?#SDCC? asking for signatures for a petition to have a John Carter sequel,” someone in San Diegotweeted today. And we almost couldn’t believe it, so we did some digging, and yep, according to related site John Carter Two, they are indeed at Comic-Con, sharing a table where they are not only making sure to keep hope alive, but doing some giveaways for “John Carter”-related gear as well. In essence, they are marketing the movie long after Disney has given up, and you would hope the studio is paying attention, if only to throw them swag for their trouble.

There is an earnest sadness about this whole effort, which will largely be futile in the end. Frankly, these are kinds of fans Disney could’ve used before the movie came out, not after. But if you’re one of the few who thinks a studio will spend a couple hundred million on a blockbuster with Taylor Kitsch in the lead, click above and let your voice be heard. Or put one of these posters on your Facebook page to get the word out.

Here is a link to the full article on Indiewire

And here are some pics of the fans in action, and raffle winners:


  • A sequel is greatly needed for John Carter of Mars, everyone is in limbo from the end of the last show. Who was responsible for releasing the movie in the summer against two other large movies ? There was a short lead time advertising John Carter of Mars , better prep time was needed with a clear build up of what the Mars series of movies was to be about . A lot of people like the books, and would love to see a sequel come out for John Carter of Mars .

  • Please please please give us the trilogy you wanted to do in the first place and give every movie enough screentime so the world, characters, story can grow.
    2.5hours at least and the movie will work, there was nothing wrong with the first one except the to short lenght.
    We want more of Taylor Kitsch!!!

  • Agree with Khanada. It´s great to be noticed. I´ve read another tweet from a mexican site reporting John Carter fans presence in Comic Con. We may not agree with all the author says but considering SDCC scope (never been there but I imagine Massive) being noticed by media at all is great!

  • What’s sad is articles like this that equate box office success or failure with the merit of a film and the outlook on its sequel or the quality of its fandom. Is this what we have become? A nation of Box Office watchers? Is that all that we are? Is that how we determine the QUALITY of a film? John Carter was a victim of a jaded internet press and a studio who tripped up beyond words. That is all. The sharks smelled blood in the water and everyone just swam in the bloody waters. Check out the film yourself – don’t prejudge it. Why let others lead you around like sheep!? The fans in this group are an amazing, creative and positive group of people. It’s amazing – usually with a film considered a failure or a flop, the first thing that happens is that all of the participants – from writer to director to all of the actors – try to separate themselves from it. That’s not what’s happening with John Carter. Every week or month there is a new article by people who worked on this AMAZING film who are just confused and saddened by the whole affair. Check out the words of the writer/director of Brave Mark Andrews, who co-wrote John Carter. Check out the wise words of Willem Dafoe. The smart observations of Brian Cranston. The love and supportive words of Taylor Kitsch. All positive and all support and love this film! I ask that you wake up and smell the anti-hype for what it was – the sad buzzing of a hive-like mind of negative internet bloggers and troll posing as film critics. John Carter stands tall. This film deserves a sequel like no other.

  • Here’s what I said re this article: “We have fans from all around the World clamoring for a sequel to this great movie (it has one of the best endings to any movie I have seen…..think Ghost or Gone with the Wind…… both shock and overwhelming emotion). The fact that Disney has ignored it is a reflection on them and not on the millions of people who have seen it and love it. Join the fight for a sequel on Facebook ! “

  • I sure hope that is some ill informed typo in that article in regards to the sequel’s title, JOHN CARTER : The God of Mars ! Dropping that one little letter really goes off the reservation from what the book was about.

  • I agree guys! I’m grateful for the article but just wish it had been more positive. “Check out these super-devoted fans! More power to them!” would have been nice.

  • I don’t think the article itself is really condescending. Just the “Sad Trombone” bit in the headline. I wonder if Kevin is responsible for that, or some editor. Kevin writes “There is an earnest sadness to this…..” and that seems to be a sincere comment. What he doesn’t “get” yet is what Akylina said — “It’s a glorious battle” for those who have decided to “pledge their metal” ….and fan efforts are starting to have real success in changing the narrative about John Carter. These folks are committed — they’re not going away. And they eat snarky comments like those from MEH and AS for breakfast…..

  • While they call our efforts “futile” , I am glad they ran the article and appreciate that they did in deed do so (you know – bad press can be good press!). It all boils down in the end to the fact that still most people, bloggers, the news media, etc., just don’t have all the information before they run these articles. Like the fact that Andrew Stanton and Mark Andrews (Director of Brave and co-writer of John Carter) have the scrips ready and are waiting to be greenlit from Disney. They don’t have the numbers related to box office now, and they certainly don’t have the info that the DVD is selling like ‘hotcakes’. So are our efforts “futile”? Absolutely NOT!!

  • Too bad they opened it with such a negative spin. The ill informed do tend to lean on the negative side anyway and overall it’s great to be getting noticed. We are positive, passionate, and fired up and that’s much better than being grumpy, irritated, and negative at every turn! GO BARSOOM!!

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